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  • Nicole A. - Smells horrible

    This stuff smells noxious. Tested it out on an old rag before using anywhere near my dogs and the smell is horrid. Won't use this on my dogs except maybe before a long trail hike and will bathe them after.

  • Mark C - There is a speed control for the lights changing pretty nice light and no more putting holes in your ...

    I got the laser Christmas light in today it is a will made light with a very long cord. there are two colors red and green and when its on the colors are very sharp and crisp looking and cover a wide area. Its water proof so the weather will not be a issues it has a remote with red button a Green button and blue but the blue dose nothing since this light only has two colors. There is a speed control for the lights changing pretty nice light and no more putting holes in your house to hang light. its will worth the money I was lucky enough to get this at a discounted rate in exchange for my fair and honest review and I truly think I’ve done that. I feel like I’ve been able to be completely unbiased and have no obligation to give an opinion other than that of my own. While my review of this has been overall very positive it’s not due to that discount in any way, I’ve been very impressed with this

  • John D. - Excellent product. Easy install.

    This screen protector is fantastic. I have had friends buy tempered glass screen protectors before and they were extremely satisfied, now I see why. The protector comes with step by step instructions, and multiple methods to ensure that you get a solid and flat contact, as well as clean and dust free.

  • Chris V. - Not great, but pretty good.

    I got what I paid for. It works, though not as well as a bigger one. No surprises there. It was easy to install and arrived quickly. I only knocked a star off because they keep saying it's as good as a larger antenna when that simply isn't possible. However, it does work and is much better than one of those big ones that hits the garage door.