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ARIMIDEX Patient Choice Program | ARIMIDEX | AstraZeneca - AstraZeneca is pleased to provide you with electronic access to the ARIMIDEX Patient Choice Program*. This program helps cover the cost difference between brand ARIMIDEX and generic anastrozole. *ARIMIDEX Patient Choice Program is available in all provinces EXCEPT BC, AB and SK.

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  • USMel - It's okay I guess, I could not get mine ...

    It's okay I guess, I could not get mine coded because the vehicle was not "programmed" for keyless entry. Had to get an after-market unit installed.

  • Hondafox - Seat problems

    Could never get the seat stable. It keeps spinning as you ride it. I did not return it, because I did not want to pay for shipping charges. I regret not returning it because it really is impossibble to ride like this. I thought I could fix this problem.

  • InTheKnow - Disappointed

    I was really looking forward to giving this to my 7 year old because she loves my iPad so much. I thought this would be a good starter without the hefty price tag. I might as well have bought her the iPad or similar device though. Compared to a full blown tablet the LeapPad programs are VERY expensive. The cheapest programs for the LeapPad are about $5, and their are relatively few of them available. Most of the programs, in fact the vast majority, are $10. Compare that now to the cost of children's educational programs for an iOS device that are between free and 1 or 2 bucks, and the value of this product washes away pretty quick. Its extremely... sometimes painfully slow too. The device comes with about 10 or 12 programs but my 7 year old was board with those after a couple of hours; she spends most of the time now playing with the camera, which has pretty poor resolution. All things aside except for the cost of the programs, the iPad or similar device is a MUCH better value. When you add the comparison of speed, camera and screen resolution, the LeapPad is simply a waste of money.

  • Bere - Love it!

    My hairdresser uses this product on her clients so I decided to use it at home too. It does leave my hair feeling very smooth. I love the scent of it. I use a little bit of it before blow drying and some after. I have very thick hair and a bottle lasts me about 4 months. It really is a great product.