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  • K. Ann Seeton - Best Written book on Fasting, worth the wait

    THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO FASTING is amazing. Clearly written, respectful of the historical traditions it cites, good bibliography at the end of chapters, clear, easy to understand, not puffed up with filler but filled with good information. This book lends itself to short reading sessions AND to sitting for an afternoon enjoying it-- some books are only good in short bits, but this one is as pleasurable to read as a good novel. I hated to put it down and have been carrying it with me so I can read more every chance I get. I pre-ordered it so I got it the first round. If you have to wait-- this book is worth the wait. I can hardly wait to try the techniques in the second part.

  • Ms. Taylor - I love the benefits of frankincense oil

    I can't say enough about this oil. I love the benefits of frankincense oil. The smell is a bit strong but the benefits outweigh the oil's pungency. This oil is great for reduces the size of your pores and also to help fight acne. I use this oil once a day in the morning mixed with a little jojoba oil and that combination does wonders on my skin. My pores are dramatically smaller and I rarely get breakouts on my skin. I love the texture of my skin and its radiance. You have to be careful when using this oil though because using it alone can irritate and burn you skin a little. It's best to mix it with a carrier oil or dilute it with a little water. Depending on how sensitive your skin is you'll find the best combination that works for you. I high recommend this oil.

  • zonlyone - A gentle peel.

    I found this to be very mild and non irritating. I have very sensitive skin and have found the ORO Gold line in general to be great for me. BTW: I see there are a lot of bad reviews about selling practices and so forth, but I'm not commenting on that since I bought all my stuff here on Amazon. So, I'll just speak about the product itself, which I believe is what these reviews are for.

  • He111clwn - Not impressed for the price i paid.

    They are bigger then expected Cuzco they sit like a half inch out past my ear they aren't as comfortable as they say they are and don't stay in ur ear very well I find my self adjusting them frequently while wearing them. Sound is good and clear but doesn't play bass well and phones calls echo of the receiving end for who ever u might be talking to. And doesn't cancel out noises very well unless u keep resetting them in ur ear.

  • Maura Woodcock - Not afraid of the dark anymore!

    So this camera is amazing. I was skeptical of a wireless security camera at first, especially one that moves and is so lightweight. But this one is easy to install, software went in very easily, and mount for the camera is just a few screws. obviously you want this high up and away from reach of an intruder, but with the sleek black color, its easy to miss at night. The night vision is exceptional and you can control where it looks from your phone! The phone controls are easy as well, just tell the camera to pan up and down or left to right. You can also program points in space to quickly change its position: So if you have it facing your driveway, you can have the car as point 1 and the door as point 2, on the phone simply press point 1 and the camera will move towards the car, etc.

  • Timothy A. Reddy - Disappointed, but there is nothing stopping the developers from making it better

    This little robot draws inspiration from Wall-E. The expressive eyes, the "ooh" and "ahh" and other little chirps of the robot are well done. It even recognizes me and says my name in a Wall-E voice. It comes with three blocks that Cozmo (and you) interacts with. While the movie was extremely enjoyable and has plenty of replay value, this robot doesn't seem to have that longevity.