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  • J. Haverkamp - Difficult to navigate

    This was a good buy but I still had to upgrade the payroll because of the number of employees but even with that it was a good buy. Quickbooks itself doesn't have a lot of instructions with it and you have to get support from the website frequently.

  • Missy16 - This IS Heaven!

    My sister in law works at Starbucks and gave me this to try as she knows how much I love coffee. WOW! To me this is the most wonderful coffee I have ever tasted. Nothing can compare to the smooth dark velvety taste it has. With each sip, it's like I'm letting a piece of dark chocolate melt on my tongue. I absolutely love it, actually at this point I'm addicted to it, and that's why I'm on Amazon buying more, since my local Starbucks isn't carrying it.

  • Robert Haag - I wish the writing on the show was this good

    While I am a huge fan of the show the books are so much better. Maybe because they only have so much time to tell storylines maybe it's the network all I know is that because of storylines in season 5 we cannot adapt these excellent books to the TV series and that is to bad.

  • Alexandria Willis - There is obviously something great about him if he keeps buying them

    Purchased these to replace the Ray Ban's my fiancé broke. These are his third pair. There is obviously something great about him if he keeps buying them! Lol. They are great glasses. And Amazon has the BEST PRICE, as always.

  • aly mcbeal - Supply is back!

    This stuff is amazing. I recently returned from a trip without my baby and my supply went down considerably. I take a motherlove about an hour before a pumping session and I notice at least an ounce if not more. I only take it when I need it, so when I'm nursing baby, I dont take any because baby does a great job at emptying both breasts. I will say though, with my first child, I pumped exclusively and I never got more than about 3 ounces TOTAL at each session :( I wish I wouldve tried motherlove back then but I relied on pharmaceuticals instead. If you can afford motherlove, you wont regret using it!!!

  • DapperDave - Great for nursing moms too..

    My fiancé and I had a baby almost a year ago and she has been breastfeeding. She has been taking prenatal vitamins since when she found out she was pregnant. Now that she has been breastfeeding, she still takes them, as the baby gets a lot of nutrients from her. So, I got these for her. She has been taking them for over almost a couple weeks now. I asked her what she thought about them. She likes them she said. She just wished it had DHA in it. Not a big deal though because now we are also feeding the baby solid food and she’s only breastfeeding about 3 times a day. She said she’s going to continue to use it, so that must be a good thing.

  • William Aiken - Overall a good thing

    I check with a nutritionist who said after reading the contents of some the pills that this part of the cleanse were a marketing ploy. I did lose weight and feel better. Hopefully the cleanse will lead me to long term healthier habits.