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  • michael bell - I love this alternative to flossing.

    This is the first one of these that i have ever tried so i honestly have my experience with this to compare it to. When i pulled this out of the box it was quite bigger than i thought but then i realized that is because of the water tank. The biggest thing that i like when it comes to this is that it is rechargable. A lot of devices like this run on batteries this one is rechargeable. I also like the assortment of tips you can use. You are not just stuck with one. I personally hate flossing so this is a great alternative for me. the 3 modes let you choose what kind of stream you want which is another nice plus. Overall i am very happy with this product.

  • Samuel A. Kolko - Absolute Junk

    Absolute Junk !!!! Rachet WILL NOT lock Yellow tool apart on first usage YOU EXPECT POOR QUALITY WHEN YOU BUY CHEAP BUT THIS IS CRAZY

  • Virginia Mouton - It works for my husband

    My husband took this for a week before he could feel something that helps him with the pain on his leg. While taking symbicort, his leg started to hurt. So he wants to take something to ease the pain. He has been taking pain reliever that didn't help him, so he started taking this supplement and feels that it's working.

  • Gary Fu - The Definitive Answer to Wireless Mice

    Let me start off by just saying this is an amazing mouse for FPS and general use (though the price-tag can't justify buying this mouse strictly for the office). Wireless mice are notorious for being inaccurate due to Wi-Fi interference. They are also known to have a slower response time compared to wired mice. Neither of these concerns apply to the G900. I have used it for over two months now and I have never had any problems. If you do a little research, there are charts and diagrams showing the results for interference and response testing comparing different wired and wireless gaming mice. The G900 absolutely trumps all of them. (I will post the comparisons when I have some more time)

  • M. Bartos - Great Golf Bag

    My husband loves this bag. All of the pockets for everything you could possibly need to take with you. He also likes the compartments for all of his clubs.

  • T. Medina - This walking stick is very well constructed and easy to adjust to your personal needs

    This walking stick is very well constructed and easy to adjust to your personal needs. I was happy to see that it even has a compass on the handle!! I didn't notice that in the description.

  • Natalie - Nice scent.

    Usually we purchase the scent free Aveeno Baby Wash, but this was a little cheaper (at time of ordering) so I thought I'd give it a shot. I really find it quite nice. The scent is quite subtle and soothing during the wash, which also smells nice on baby afterward. It does a decent job at creating bubbles too, which both my kids enjoy. I may switch over from the regular unscented to this one!