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  • Gompers - Not helping sagging

    This does well for moisturizing my neck, the "fish " smell is there but disappears quickly and this product does nothing to help sagging.

  • Paul Spoerry - Small and powerful

    I picked this up just as a "nice job" gift for my kid. We have an entire wall in his room with Nerf guns loaded on it so I didn't expect this little guy to impress as much as it did. It's way more powerful than you'd think. I didn't realize this until my kid shot me on the arm with it (needless to say a Nerf war broke out after that). This easily shoots 50 feet and has decent accuracy for as small as it is. My kid uses it as a sidearm, but it's great as your default "in house" Nerf when playing in the basement as well.

  • RALPH WHITEY - No good deed goes unpunished.

    I think I have read and enjoyed virtually every book written by Mr. Griffin. He is an excellent storyteller and author. Since I am a native of Bucks county, I can relate to the Philadelphia Police Department novels and the characters. The World War Two stories are still on my bookshelves and are revisited periodically as well.

  • tessa - Walked some good space away & just watched as the smells hit ...

    I got this product to prank the workplace. I work at a grocery store. It was about 10:30 at night when just a small group of employees were working. My first target, the customer service desk. A couple sprays when no one was around. 5 minutes later, they were covering it in febreeze. It didn't help. Then, I sprayed it once at every cash register. Walked some good space away & just watched as the smells hit everyone's faces. I made my manager check his shoes thinking he stepped in s***, an older gentleman went in the restroom to check his pants, everyone was looking at the floors, in trash cans, the bathrooms. I felt bad for the maintance man... They had him mopping, scrubbing trash cans, & the even shut down the restrooms so he could deep clean them.. This spray.. Works.

  • Sanjana - Bought two - both broke

    I used to love this hair trimmer until it stopped working after a few months. Changed the batteries, no difference. So, I decided to purchase another one. About a month later, guess what? That one stops working too. Completely shuts down. Don't buy it - it'll last for a few weeks, maybe two or three months max. You might as well invest in a more expensive option.