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  • Jolinda - How I AVOID UTIs now

    I get frequent UTIs and this is THE FIRST and ONLY supplement that has helped me to avoid and stop UTIs when they do start. The D-Mannose is the active ingredient in cranberry that actually helps eliminate the bacteria that is in the bladder during a UTI. D-Mannose binds to the bacteria allowing it to be flushed out when adequate amounts of fluids are being drank as well. I use to get a UTI about every other month and it has now been a year since my last one. I would really urge anyone that has had trouble with this to do some research about D-Mannose and UTIs then speak with your doctor about whether this could be a good possibility for you. You won't be disappointed in this product!

  • Amazon Customer - Seasoning

    I was very sad and disappointed when Mc Cormick discontinued this product, but was so excited to find in online through Amazon. Will be splitting these bottles between my daugther and son's girlfriend and myself. When I see we are getting low, I will definetly order more and hope the supply is still there. Happy Happy Happy. ( P.S., this is the secret to my delicious tuna casserole)

  • Lynn Schreiner - Nothing New

    I just updated from S&T 2010. If they made any functional improvements in 2013 they are very difficult to find. It still has a number of frustrating bugs that have been there for years! You still can't delete a GPS trail. When you copy a push-pin from one map to another a lot of the data (like the street address) is lost. When you export and then import a GPX file, the push pins symbols all are changed to grey squares - the name and other info is lost. I still like it more than other mapping software for planning long trips. If only they would fix the damn bugs.

  • Robin M. Tagabi - Great

    My granddaughter loves this protein powder, she is in college and plays basketball and works out hard so she said it really helps!

  • Amazon Customer - Who's on first?

    A very different tale of conspiracy and espionage in our highest agencies. Dennis is one of their best investigative staff and when he returns after a bereavement leave and is given a low level assignment he is puzzled. He is such a good investigator because he is obsessive about details and when things don't add up up he cannot let go even when he is taken off the case.

  • WeegieB - Seems to be working well. I get numerous spam ...

    Seems to be working well. I get numerous spam calls all day and this is finally making a dent in them.

  • joy bourhill - So easy to use!

    It's book is really well organized and I love the pictures in the back summing up real products. What to use and what not to use. Also the weekly meal plans are very helpful.