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  • feye - Life Cell

    I have used this product exactly by instruction. I see not one significant change in my skin. I am a realistic person. I know there is no cure all. But nothing! That is allot of money for nothing. It is my fault for believing. My bad . Please do not buy this product. Big rip off.

  • Mankx - Seems to work better than top competitor.

    This product is expensive, no matter what the brand, considering it's probably very cheap to make. First application seemed to work much better than the Nature's Miracle competitor I had been using. Slight pleasant smell helps too.

  • Amazon Customer - Designed for looks, not for ease of use

    I got this for Christmas from my daughter. I'm an old geezer, but I am a retired engineer and know a few things about design. I have to admit that the clasp on the wristband pretty well defeated me. No matter how good (or bad) the technology, if I can't get the device connected around my wrist, it's worthless. I downloaded the user manual, and that was basically no help. So why couldn't they have supplied this device with a normal wristwatch type clasp or buckle? The company needs to look at human factors much closer in designing their devices. Also, the setup was incredibly involved -- way too much for a so-called neat bit of wizardry. Finally, the web site does not provide an app for windows phones (Hey, I live in Redmond WA; so I have a Windows phone), but fortunately I was able to find an app in the Windows phone online store. All in all, I am initially very disappointed in this device. Once I am able to get it running on my wrist, I will update my review.