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Bellenzier Turismo - Empresa sólida na prestação de serviços de viagens e turismo. Nosso objetivo é prestar um serviço diferenciado com diversas formas de contato a fim de transmitir segurança e proporcionar agilidade no atendimento.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -49.2667 Parana, Brazil

  • Eric T - Great TV

    Great TV with great features. Picture quality is amazing, smart TV functionality and remote are cutting edge. When I first purchased it, I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get the HDR feature to work. There were no instructions or guidance in this area. Eventually I figured out, to get HDR you have to connect the input to HDMI 1 as the other two ports do not have this functionality. This is probably my only pet peeve for this TV, the inability to utilize HDR on all 3 HDMI ports.

  • J. Dole - Best Blender

    I bought this blender with mixed feelings since I had read some great reviews, and on the flip-side, I also read a few reviews that were not so flattering. I use this blender several times every day to make smoothie/protein drinks made with frozen fruit and protein powder. Reading some reviews saying that it did not blend to a smooth consistency, I have to say that it does a perfect job of blending my drinks completely, even with the frozen fruit or ice added. No chunks of frozen stuff, or un-blended powder mix to contend with. There are a few slight drawbacks to deal with, one being that you cannot take the lid off to add extra ingredients while the blender is running. Also, blending knives assembly is sharp and pointed, so it takes some extra caution when washing the blades. But, I have to say that it is definitely worth the small inconveniences since it does such a great job.

  • Mustangsevel - Great!

    I don't understand why people have to pick a part a movie in their reviews...it's a movie, it there for your entertainment, not as a life guideline! This movie is wonderful, Dwayne Johnson does an excellent job as Hercules. The supporting actors was good as well. I love this movie! The scenes were shot well, and the graphics were great. If you want to pick a part every movie you see then might I suggest a book...

  • Madhatt - Just when you thought I-Ops couldn't get any better!

    This is Immortal Ops as it was always meant to be! Over a decade ago Mandy Roth brought us super sexy alpha shifters fighting the good fight as an elite military group. Despite being military these guys have attitude and humor and quake only in the presence of their feisty mates. This re-release features a lot of new content but still has that sexy humor fans have come to love! If you are already an I-Ops fan the extended version is well worth the read and if you are new to I-Ops or Mandy Roth there is no better place to start becoming a fan!

  • S. J. Rafferty - Do not trust docs to this scanner

    I spent days scanned thousands of pages of large, important docs into this scanner. Once I saw them, I discarded the originals. Only later did I learn that you cannot export anything larger than 100 pages, so the pages were visible only on the viewer. Still later, the file became corrupt, so I have irretrievably lost valuable and irreplaceable documents. After many hours of troubleshooting (and memory upgrades), Neat Receipt told me the file had become corrupted. They also acknowledged that there is no way to know from the documentation that they do not support 100+ page docs until you try to export one.

  • Sissy G - Brows

    My sister told me about using Rogaine to grow back my brows. It says not to use it on your face but I tried it anyway. I over-plucked my brows years ago and although I have a definite brow line I always wanted those areas to grow back in. Well it's working after just a few weeks. It hasn't come in really strong yet but I believe that it will. The directions say that the first hair is baby fine but will come in stronger as you continue to use it. I am so happy about this and can't wait to see the finished results. The directions say that if you quit using it the hair will stop growing so if you end up looking like cro-magnon you can just quit using it.