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  • Angela - Change faster

    I love this product due to the simplicity designed it, comparing this with my Apple charger which I use more often found that the chargers it faster.

  • Mark Benedict - Doesn't work with secured banking. Fails at what it does connect to.

    Doesn't connect with banking systems using encryption keys, etc. Did connect with a mortgage account's bank... but could not retrieve/update any information (such as Balance) and constantly displayed Original Loan Amount as the Current Balance. As for Credit Card accounts it could not update the Corporate Card I am required to use for Travel. For anything it couldn't connect to, there is USUALLY the option to download transactions from the bank/institute -- but only one of mine had a compatible download. Of course, you can always enter everything manually....

  • Kristen Schulte - Best Jeans I've Ever Owned!

    Love these jeans!!! They do exactly what they are intended to do and made this mom of 4 feel comfortable again for the first time in years!

  • Mr. Myers - One of the best!

    I've tried a lot of tattoo after care products and this is definitely one of my favorites. It keeps your tattoo moist and does not have that über sticky feeling like some of the other high end after care products out there. This definitely has a place with me every time I get new ink done.

  • Anna - Loved it!

    Just finishing up this cleanse. I purchased it on amazon and was happy with it. While detoxing the first 10 days I felt sick and weak the whole time but figured that's what was supposed to happen! After that I felt better. And I have to be honest even when able to add in protein I preferred not to as I am loving all the fruits and veggies. The shake powder isn't too bad. I found my favorite way to drink it is banana and mango. You can get organic frozen mango at Costco.

  • coopercrew - Amazing!

    I took this only one day and I ordered more. I took two pills in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 2 pills at bedtime. I did not need to take my normal allergy meds. I normally take 1 Zyrtec in the morning and 2 Benadryl at night.

  • Lineflyer - Worked For My Small Leak

    I had read many mixed reviews on this product , so I was naturally scared to put it in my cooling system. I had a 2000 Cadillac with a aluminum v8 North star engine. I had just installed new cooling fans , radiator, A/C condenser , I had also replaced the notorious Pain in the A$$ transmission tcc solenoid . When I removed the transmission side pan , I had to disconnect a water line that went to the back of the engine water crossover because , I needed the room for my hand . After I finished the job the line had a small drip every few seconds and would not seal no mater what I tried . It was on the back and in a almost impossible area to reach without major disassembly , and it was a push in line with a internal o ring you could not get to . So I poured about 1/4 bottle of the liquid aluminum in the coolant reservoir to see if it would seal the small drip leak. I then let the car idle for about 30 min with the heater on. Then got on the highway and drove for 45 min. I popped the hood and could not see any more drips.