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  • Almostgone - My mother used to use this all the time when ...

    My mother used to use this all the time when I was young. When I had a cough she would rub it on my feet and put warm socks on them to keep me from coughing and it worked. When I found out Watkins still made it I purchased some to see if it still worked as well as I remembered and it did! Rubbing it on your feet really works! Well worth the money. Would buy again.

  • Cheryl Carruth - clear explanation of leaky gut, diet section could be better organized

    After 9 months on GAPS, I'm a believer. I love how I feel. My conditions continue to improve. I have no desire to cheat - I've got a gut to heal, and what's a couple of years? I've been sick a lot longer than that. And being sick is no fun.

  • CarolinaRN - Makes ya love your pet a whole lot more...

    I do love this cleaner. If you've got pets, this stuff deserves a reserved spot in your cleaning cabinet! It cleans poop, pee, vomit, blood, and I'm pretty sure any other bodily fluid you can think of. All you do is clean up the larger part of the mess and spray this til it's saturated. Let it sit, just leave it be. I leave it alone for a good hour or so and come back to check. In most cases it's gone, just POOF. Magic...really. If you really MUST wipe, then take a paper towel and lay it down on top of the sprayed/saturated stain. At least this way you'll know where the stain was when you come back to check on it. OH, and if you've got a dog who loves to rip up paper, I suggest you cover it up with something....like a larger towel. Even tho this stuff is safe you really don't want your pup eating the saturated paper towel...