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Bienvenue au Cabinet Central d'Assurances : votre assureur en Nouvelle-Calйdonie spйcialiste de l'assurance emprunteur - Le Cabinet central d'assurances (cca) est prйsent en Nouvelle-Calйdonie depuis 20 ans,leader dans son domaine et spйcialiste de assurance-emprunteur destinйe а vous protйger en cas de dйcиs, d’invaliditй ou d’incapacitй temporaire totale de travail.

Country:, Oceania, NC

City: 165.5 , New Caledonia

  • Jay Ethridge - Easy to install and is plenty big enough to get ...

    Easy to install and is plenty big enough to get my valuables in. This vault will not hold a full-size handgun but will hold a compact (S&W 9c/40c) or Bersa Thunder .380cc or smaller with plenty of room for phone, wallet, GPS, etc. It's not going to keep a determined thief with plenty of time and a large screwdriver or wrecking bar but it should be more than enough protection from your normal "smash and grab" miscreant.

  • DL Ruiz - Bought the 39 inch LED and after a few weeks ...

    Bought the 39 inch LED and after a few weeks it wouldn't turn on all the time. I would have to hit the power button 50 or more times before I was successful. Took it back and exchanged it for a Vizio. Wish I had looked at the reviews for this brand before I bought it.

  • Cindylt - Upgrade? How about Downgrade!

    I've been happily using Quicken since 1990. I used to update everything manually until several years ago. Then I entered all my website data and began to request online updates. How convenient, right? Until Quicken says it's time to fork over more money to "upgrade." The 2008 upgrade was bad enough (clunky, ugly), but 2011 is a total joke. Not only is the software even uglier (with colors so pale you can hardly see them), but now the data is hard to read!

  • Mary A. Hunter - Great product === great shipping

    We had a much older version and when replacing our computer, the program would not transfer for whatever reason. Did not hesitate to purchase the newest version. Check writing just SO simple and easy.

  • Amazon Customer - great stuff

    My skin is silky soft, I feel great, more energy it seems, also looks like some of my cellulite is diminished. I just can't get over how soft and supple my skin is. Love it

  • WendyWidefoot - I DON'T EXPECT MAGIC!

    I find Neutrogena to be a dependable brand, but if it really did get rid of deep wrinkles one could not afford to buy it, because it would be magic!. I will just be happy softening the fine wrinkles (don't know what I would look like if I didn't use it).

  • pruittjr1 - Excellent anti virus program

    I have been using this brand of ESET anti virus for about 3 years now, it's the premium program for me. Easy user interface and it's not a memory hog like others.