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  • Kristy Smith - Best Windows Server yet.

    Server 2012 seems to be one of the better server platforms that I have had the opportunity to use. I have used it on pre-built machines before this one was my first fresh build. The install and setup were very easy and straight forward. I continue to find new features in 2012 that are going to be very useful. My only dislike for this platform is the tablet styling, I was never a fan of it since it came with windows 8. But all in all a very good product.

  • Dorothy - Awesome doesn't begin to describe it!

    It arrived at 11:30 from amazon and after laying my grandsons down for their naps I dug in! Comfy chair with a blanket over my legs, bottle of water beside me and this amazing book in my hands I was ready. Well by the time the boys woke up at 3:30 I was halfway through it. I have to admit I made my husband deal with them until their mom came because I couldn't put the book down. It was like I could hear her voice telling a story.

  • R. M. - "You've been a bad boy!"

    Can movies have ingredients? This one has cheese in it. It is so cheesy, I found myself laughing. It's really something Mystery Science Theater 3000 would have a field day with. Don't watch it expecting to be frightened..Muhahahaha!

  • brenda lee - My Last Kaspersky purchase!

    Will not purchase Kaspersky Internet Security again. I liked it and was using it for a number of years and had just purchased and installed it on my new laptop Toshiba Satellite and on 8th May 2016 clicked onto a site on Facebook only to have my new laptop lock up from a virus/malicious attack and then had to pay $200. to get technical help from Toshiba to remove it off my laptop. With this Kaspersky Internet Security it should have never happen the technician said and she also found quite a bit of other issues that fell threw the cracks due to Kaspersky as well!

  • Sunman - Call to all lawyers out there!

    I am not a lawyer. (Unfortunately). But it seems to me, that Intuit is breaking many many laws that would make it the perfect candidate for a Class Action Law Suit.

  • Colter Chasteen - Not good.

    It works great for about a month. But I left my light bar on for about an hour trying to get someone out of the mud and the harness melted together and nearly caught my jeep on fire. I had to scrape melted plastic out of my engine bay. Ended up just making my own wiring harness.

  • Roy S. Robinson - Works well

    Worked well, only issue was could not program my self, had to have dealer program it for $85 ( still less than the $250 the dealer wanted for the complete key)