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  • Shell - Great Product

    It's a great product. I like the multiple computers for 2 years. It was a great price too. I would recommend this to my friends.

  • rhonda - Worked for a while...

    I bought Proactiv for my son about 2 years ago, and it seemed to work fine with him only having a few blemishes here and there; however, after using it for about the second year, his eyebrows started to change color. After about three weeks from when I noticed his eyebrows chaning color, they had gone from dark brown to a light brown with blonde and orange mixed in! It looked like a clown as he said! Also, some of his brown towels dyed into an orange color. Now, I'm switching him to a prescribed acne medication that he hopes will work a lot better and that it will not dye his eyebrows. Just another note, Proactiv takes a long time to put on, and it can be a pain to put on everyday, twice a day. My son does not reccomend Proactiv at all! It's a terrible product, and it is quite expensive too!

  • Laszlo - Best Razer Keyboard yet

    I own two of these keyboards, primarily because they are the only major mechanical RGB gaming keyboards out there I know with both PC and Mac driver support. Kudos to Razer for maintaining this capability; easy to use compared to Corsair's similar interface and the Razer Synapse 2.x cloud-based sync is pretty impressive to use. The ability to sync profile settings over the cloud is just an awesome capability other manufacturers should offer--especially considering the cost of these peripherals.

  • John L. Hale - This book knocked the Fantasy Football cobwebs off my hibernating brain!

    I have to admit I own Joe's books and listen to him on Sirius/ XM radio, but I use his ratings as a base for any lineup I create. This book knocked the Fantasy Football cobwebs off my hibernating brain right in Chapter 1! Joe has put some players and their 2016 situation front and center that weren't even on my radar. Thanks for a great book Joe!

  • Megan Erickson - Worked great for 2 months

    Worked great for 2 months. It started to stop spinning the bottle. Thought it was a glitch we fixed, but it has continued. Very sad about this