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  • Peterri - Easy Peasy

    They went on my 2015 Forester pretty easily; just pay attention to the directions insert so you don't put them in incorrectly.

  • northwest coast - I'd go on a speaking tour for this book!

    I must admit when my fitness freak husband bought this book for me at Costco, I was very annoyed. I had just started exercising again and the pounds were coming off just fine, thank you. But I sat down and read it anyway and was hooked within 30 minutes. The science behind the book is so solid, I decided to try it anyways. That and the fact that I owned most of the "healthy" products on the "Belly Bad" side of the page. I realized that my latest ten pound gain was not due to my new post-35 slower metabolism; it was due to consuming one Fiber One bar, one Zone Perfect protein bar, and one tablespoon of fat-free honey mustard dressing on my salad every day...loads of hidden sugar driving up my insulin production and converting carbs into fat! No wonder I had developed love handles!!

  • Dave B - DON'T BUY THIS - new sleazy royalty enforcement model

    Keurig has just entered the realm of a company I will never do business with again. First I can't imagine why they call this thing 2.0, aside, perhaps, from a second generation revenue stream for Keurig that this system will now enforce the collection of from customers. It's not Internet connected, its firmware can't be upgraded, the menu is primitive and lacks some very basic features (like being able to set the default brew size from 8 oz to 10 oz [and by the way, the size you really want is 12, which inexplicably isn't an option]), there's no app -- literally I see no feature benefit over the old system, and the old system doesn't lock you into Keurig-only k-cups like this one does. I spent 200 dollars on a coffee maker, and what I got was platform designed to lock a consumer into the role of enforcing Keurig's royalty-revenue desires. I've had this thing for too long to return, but I just received a variety box of coffee from Amazon. After ruining several k-cups trying to get it to work, I realized what Keurig had done -- you get a completely manufactured error if trying to brew a k-cup that wasn't officially licensed through Keurig (like many of the best brands out there). Totally sleazy move, and for anyone that has a stock of coffee on hand, be prepared to throw it out unless it is compatible with the new brewers. It's unfortunate that Keurig clearly doesn't have a modern understanding of consumer preferences -- people don't like being locked into forced-brand-loyalty.. Do yourself a favor and buy the Cuisinart version instead. It's made better and won't attempt to levy an annuity on people that already paid good money to buy the product.

  • Rose - Great Backpack

    I've had this backpack for quite a while. I've used it a lot for traveling. I've never had any problems with it. It's comfortable and holds what I need it to.

  • Jeaner5 - This amazing book was one I couldn't put down

    This amazing book was one I couldn't put down. It has so much excitement and action. I was on my toes and biting my nails throughout the book. Jessa and her boys, the Compasses brothers are their own pack filled with love and loyalty. They definitely have each other’s backs like they are their own family. Braxton, one of the brothers seems to have more protective instincts for Jessa and is far more overprotective of her. Throughout the book there are very subtle hints on perhaps feelings that run a little deeper than the other brothers that Braxton displays. Overall the book has surprises, action, love, loyalty, and deception to keep you sucked in. I am so excited to read the next book to find out more about these characters. I highly recommend “Dragon Marked” by Jaymin Eve.

  • Mark - Very Satisfied

    Fantastic LED grow light, Yes it is 5w, but if placed high enough above canopy it wont burn leaves, and the canopy penetration is incredible. I have a 300w lightimetunnel that i love and is my main grow lamp, and a 300w galaxy hydro, but i realized i needed more canopy penetration if i wanted to increase my tomatoes yield. So i knew i needed 5w, and this lamp sits nicely between my two 300w, and its not nearly as hot as i expected, and a thousand times brighter than my 300w. Beware it does have more white than blue or red LEDs, so make sure you have at least a red supplemental LED for flowering. I recommend supplemental LEDs anyway. But other than that i've seen explosive growth in just 4-5 days. Love the light. Keep it up VIPAR