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  • Steven Long - My niece loves this!

    She is dancing to this and using it everyday to get in better shape. I even dance with her to these tunes and it's great exercise!

  • mamacastro - I love my little munchkins and they run up to hug ...

    I'm a music teacher and I teach over 500 children so this is a must when it's "that time of the year".

  • cari1000 - A must buy for damage hair !

    I have naturally 3b & 3c mix curly hair and i recommend this hair product for severely damage hair. I've had use millions of hair products and this one is best. I've used this over 2 months and i got amazing results. My hair definitely improve and much healthier using this product. I have over- processed bleach and color severe damage unmanageable hair, but thanks to to cantu my hair is soft, healthy looking, less frizzy, and ore manageable curls. I wish I could of discover this product sooner! I purchase this leave in at my local drugstore (cvs) at the hair aisle, for seven dollars. The price is so affordable, quality is great, its great size, and a little goes a long way (im still on my first jar) . While my hair is still wet, i applied the leave in first , then comb my hair, apply other hair products, let hair air dry, then im done styling my hair. I usually don't write reviews but these is one of my favorite hair products.

  • IceOnFire - Very nice built bike and smooth ride

    I reieved this bike as a gift from my wife after weeks of researching other bikes and I decided to take a risk and purchase one online.

  • R. Caswell - Amazing!!!

    I have a black car. Did that get your attention?? I have an '03 VW Jetta and while my car has always shined up pretty well, every time I take it to the stealership I know there's going to be some fine scratches somewhere the mechanics were working at. I hate it when I look at my car in the sun because I always notice that stuff. So last year I read a lot of reviews on scratch removal, tried a bunch of expensive things, and nothing seem to work on those pesky fine scratches. For those of you who know, anytime you even look at a black car you're going to get fine scratch somewhere because of it. So I read this article about Quixx and thought "It couldn't hurt." So I bought it and it sat in my basement for a while because I had really bigtime doubts. Today I had to do a couple things to my car and figured I would finally give Quixx a shot. So I found a tiny scratch, followed the instructions and "POOF!" the scratch was gone. No fine white line remaining, no nothing. I figured I would give it a shot on a larger, more noticable scratch and "POOF!" that one was gone. THEN I took a flashlight and followed up over the spots I used Quixx on and STILL did not see anything. I am now a believer. Since car paint is a "poly" I'm guessing it manipulates the paint to close the gap where the scratch is. I read a lot of reviews on here where people said it messed up thier paint. Again I am guessing they had older paint and would not reccommend using it on an older paint job. My only suggestion is to follow up with your own polish afterwards. That polish cloth they give you scared me a little bit and while it did shine up, my polish and cloth works better for that. I am actually looking foward to going back over my entire car with the stuff, I highly recommend it!