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  • Angie - Quality Sewing Machine

    I'm writing this review 2 years after purchase. This sewing machine was purchased as a Mother's Day gift or birthday gift (can't reminder) for my mom. My sister did the research since she's the crafty one and decided this was the perfect one. My mom is a self taught crafty person and hasn't used any of the fancy settings but she also figured out how to use the machine quickly. She's made so many beautiful items that are beyond boutique quality. I would say based on her usuage that it's very well made since she's had no issues with it as of yet.

  • KM, NRP/FF - Biosilk...One product I can't live without!

    If I could have only one hair product, this would be it. I've tried the "cheaper" type products that I got at the discount stores / grocery / drug store and NOTHING comes close. Yes, it's more expensive, but totally worth it. I have VERY think long hair (with a perm and natural curl) and still use a dime size amount. The comb will go through my hair now with ease. It makes it so silky too. I'm not that fond of the shampoo or conditioner in this line, just the Biosilk therapy stuff itself.

  • jford40 - My 9 year old daughter loves it - Great Camera too!

    I picked this up for my daughter who will be 10 in a few months. I actually thought it was going to be too childish for her, but I have been pleasantly surprised. It is a bit larger than a normal watch, but not overbearing on a child's wrist. She was able to set it up by herself and dive into using it right away. The camera takes pretty crisp video and pictures, although it would have to be worn upside down for the user to take a picture of themself. The games on it are a bit childish for her age, but I knew that going in. I gave it 4 stars because I wish there was a way for kids to be able to transfer the pictures and videos without a cable (because this will get lost with some children) - maybe a micro sd card? Overall I am impressed, and think that my daughter will get good use out of this for awhile

  • Brandon Deno - Charging more for less of a lesser product than the old formula

    No longer the same formula. I used to be a loyal customer and the previous version was the only Whey protein I used for years based on flavor and no processed ingredients. They also are charging more for less of a lesser product.