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Find The Best Asthma Treatment Plans and Advice | CopeWithAsthma.com - It's essential for people with asthma to identify, understand and try the best asthma treatments currently available, which you can learn to do at this blog.

  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/what-is-a-peak-flow-meter/ What Is A Peak Flow Meter? - A peak flow meter is a small instrument used by people who suffer from asthma to measure a their ability to breath out air.
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/asthma-sufferers-require-a-clean-home/ Asthma Sufferers Require A Clean Home - Keeping a clean house is essential if you or a member of your family suffers from asthma.
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/proper-hygiene-contributes-to-asthma-in-children/ Proper Hygiene Contributes to Asthma in Children? - The number of sufferers of bronchial asthma is going up within children in the US and scientists in Canada are seriously questioning why this is happening.
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/best-air-purifier-for-asthma-symptoms/ Best Air Purifier for Asthma Symptoms - Finding the best air purifier for your home should not be overlooked when creating a treatment plan for asthma. They remove pollutants and asthma triggers.
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/bronchial-thermoplasty-severe-asthma-treatment/ Bronchial Thermoplasty - Procedure to Treat Severe Asthma - Bronchial Thermoplasty is one of the most recent technological breakthroughs in the area of medical science and treatment options for severe asthma.
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/asthma-family-doctors/ Asthma - Family Doctors | Cope With Asthma - Patients should expect their doctors to be up to date, and to follow these agreed policies. According to the British National Asthma Campaign's
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/new-asthma-surgery-offers-hope-for-asthma-patients/ New Asthma Surgery Offers Hope for Asthma Patients - A recently developed surgical procedure to treat severe asthma symptoms has been tested and proven to provide permanent relief for many asthmatics.
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/hand-held-nebulizers-quick-and-portable-relief/ Hand-held Nebulizers: Quick and Portable Relief - Explains what a hand-held nebulizer is and how to use one correctly when faced with an asthma attack or breathing difficulties.
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/were-you-incorrectly-diagnosed-with-asthma/ Were you incorrectly diagnosed with asthma? - Within the realm of asthma diagnosis, there is a somewhat larger margin of error than many people actually realize. Today, it is estimated that
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/skin-asthma-treatment/ Skin Asthma Treatment - Skin asthma is most commonly known as eczema, which is a form of atopic dermatitis. Though chronic, skin asthma is treatable.
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/lansoprazole-is-inadequate-unsafe-asthma-treatment/ Lansoprazole is Inadequate, Unsafe Asthma Treatment - The acid reflux medication lansoprazole is frequently prescribed by doctors and asthma specialist for kids and adults who suffer from bronchial asthma symptoms.
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/higher-risk-of-asthma-for-babies-born-by-caesarean/ Higher Risk of Asthma for Babies Born By Caesarean - Studies on asthma in children suggest that babies delivered by way of caesarean section possess a higher risk of developing asthma symptoms.
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/leukotriene-modifiers/ Leukotriene Modifiers - Leukotriene modifiers are an alternative method of asthma treatment for children with only mild symptoms or children who are unable to inhale steroids.
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/reactive-airway-disease/ Reactive Airway Disease - Reactive Airway Disease (RAD) is a health condition or malfunction in the lungs where the air passage or bronchi overly reacts to stimuli and many other triggers found in the environment.
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/asthma-statistics/ Asthma Statistics - The statistics for asthma in the US are alarming. The numbers show rates of asthma among Americans has been increasing for the past few decades and will likely continue to rise according to recent asthma stats.
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/asthma-books/ Asthma Books and Literature - If you or someone you know has asthma I highly recommend you pick up and read the following books and literature about asthma, allergies and other chronic lung diseases.
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/winter-asthma/ Winter Asthma Symptoms and Treatment - The cold winter air can lead to nasal congestion, stuffiness and wheezing even in healthy people, so asthma patients must be extra vigilant.
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/double-dose-of-h1n1-for-elderly-with-severe-asthma/ Double Dose of H1N1 for Elderly With Severe Asthma - Elderly sufferers of acute asthma symptoms could require a higher concentration of the H1N1 vaccine to receive suitable safety, concludes investigations by specialists from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/lower-asthma-rates-decline-in-smokers/ Lower Asthma Rates: Decline in Smokers? - Studies are now showing less Canadian youngsters are developing asthma. A recent report from Statistics Canada claims this reduction is probably related to less with encounters with cigarette smoke among young children and infants.
  • http://www.copewithasthma.com/natural-asthma-control-options/ Natural Asthma Control Options - Returning to natural asthma remedies is a widely chosen option in recent times, due to the fact that the majority of commercially available asthma drug treatments have been claimed to produce a number of negative effects in comparison to natural asthma treatment methods.

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  • madelyn cee - I discovered the real Obama and the reason why so ...

    I discovered the real Obama and the reason why so many people voted for him, including myself. The predictions were accurate and scary. Many of us were very wrong when we voted in 2008 and 2012. This is a must-watch-movie!!!

  • Lulubelle - Stick to her blog.

    As usual, better or same recipes on her blog. I had higher hopes for this cookbook, by far. As others have commented, the book is beautifully done. However, many of the recipes are on her blog already. The number of pages dedicated to a variety of avocado toast & tacos with different toppings is slightly ridiculous. A paragraph or 2 could have suggested the various fillings/toppings. I don't think spaghetti squash with garlic & oil a recipe worthy of inclusion. It seems that many of the new recipes are just slow cooker versions. Her blog is amazing, as are 99% of her recipes, but I suggest you look at it before you buy it & compare what is in it to her blog recipes. For those who fuss because points of any kind are not in the cookbooks, or because they are not low sodium/carb or not suited for diabetics - there is a copyright issue with the points & she doesn't tout her recipes as low sodium or for diabetic. Her recipes allow you to have great flavor, less calories & portion control.

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  • A.D. - A waste of my time & a loss of $.

    This mounting kit was a part of a package; kit, stereo, wiring harness. Not sure who decided this was a fit for my vehicle but they wrong. I would've had to retrofit the entire thing thus changing the integrity of the product. The best part is where I had to pay $6.85 to return the kit so that I could get my refund of $9.00 and change. Booooooo!

  • Amazon Customer - False Positive

    False positives! Bought a two pack after missing my period and got a positive test result. Since I know that you cannot receive false positives (as the test is detecting the hcg hormone which is only produced when pregnant) I went straight to the doctor that SAME DAY where they did a blood test that determined I was not pregnant. My doctor told me that I was the second patient who had received a false positive using this curved model. I then had my boyfriend take the other test (as a joke/experiment) and we found out that he is also expecting a baby!