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  • AmazonCustomer - Terribly Designed Software

    This software is targeted to the consumer market-- the weekend DIYers. It is far too unintuitive and complicated for this market. Be prepared to spend many, many hours learning to use this software. For example, editing the type and height of foundation (e.g. 4' crawlspace, brick-faced) is buried in layers of menus and options, and the type of siding on the floors reverts to plan default when these changes are made. So...you can change the type of siding for the entire house to brick, then edit the height of the crawlspace, and the siding reverts to the default white planks, which you then must go back in and change again. This effectively prohibits tinkering with designs.

  • iNands - Love Leappad

    My daughter received Leappad for her 6th birthday. I was debating Leappad or explorer turned out great choice. Camera and video function let my daughter create many stories. We have iPad at home but we always have to supervise content. With Leappad no need to worry all the content very educational. I was thinking of psp or iPod but this is way better for money value. We live in NZ my only wish is that we could get pink carry bag ship this was as we got the hard case the zip bit difficult to open close. At the end I end up getting explorer for my 3 years old daughter, best part they can share games and they love pet pal 2.

  • C. Lagonick-Weitzel - Fairly Intuitive, Sync Can Have Issues

    I received this product as a Christmas gift and was grateful for the ability to finally be able to edit and sync my Ancestry.com tree to my desktop.

  • Penumbra - Meticulous restoration of a holiday classic

    Although this 1951 classic film takes some liberties with the Dicken's novel, it remains the film most faithful to the original story. Some of the sets and costumes were directly inspired by the memorable illustrations in the first edition of the book. Alastair Sim is very convincing as the miserly Scrooge who, after a terrifying night of ghostly visits, is transformed into a man who knows how to keep Christmas in his heart.

  • Chuck - The Best Note-Taking Software ... BY FAR !

    I have used & been utterly fascinated with this genre of software {"note-taker," "organizer," "outliner," "free-form database," "personal information manager"} for decades. I well remember using the earliest versions of "Tornado Notes" & askSam--both of which were wonderful in their time; I've upgraded both of those apps over the years & have tested NUMEROUS other competing programs--including: *InfoSelect, *Evernote, *MyInfo, *Ultra Recall, *WhizFolders, & *TreePad.