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  • Herb - Perfect!

    Response was fast...installed on first PC just purchased with no problem. Liked so well I went and bought another one for one of my personal desktops. Finally made it to friends place and once there installation went through fast and completed without no hassle.

  • Alexander Contreras - For all Dilbert Fans

    Some of the Best strips ever on the economy, and work in general, all crammed into a nice tidy fabric covered package. Yes you can get all these strips free on line at Scott Adams website. But no you cannot get them in such a nicely presented package. The quality of the art and of the book itself is top notch. If you are a Dilbert fan, you know a Dilbert fan, or you think that one guy you once knew who was a friend of a friend was a Dilbert fan... then you are sure to love this book.

  • abbeymullins - Formula must have changed

    I had bought this product once at the mall and then on Amazon (better price) and really liked it. Some people say the exfoliating effect is a scam but it always left my skin feeling really clean and fresh. However, the 3rd time I tried it, it didn't exfoliate at all. I rubbed it into my skin but it didn't work like before. It didn't do anything, so I just ended up washing it off. I won't buy it again because I think the formula must have changed.

  • K. Nelson - Some fun dances, definitely meant more for a party game ...

    Some fun dances, definitely meant more for a party game than a workout. It is fun in a group since there are many dances with 2, 3 or 4 parts, unfortunately that means many are not as fun with just one person. I do like it, but not as much as my go-to dance games - I play it for variety. My major complaint is this game (compared to the many other dance games I've played) is SO hard to control. Using your hands to select things (even just "continue") sometimes takes forever - it seems as if it's trying to track anywhere but to where you want to go. And there aren't even good voice commands as backup, so I end up having to turn on the controller just to move on to the next dance - it's really frustrating. I've never had that problem with any of the dance central, experience etc games. The only other game we have that's difficult to control like this are the Just Dance kids games we own.

  • Ennoble - quality lacking

    With all the great reviews that were here I thought these were going to be great. When they showed up the cloth holder wasn't nearly as nice as it looked in the picture and it was filthy, but i figured I was still getting a lot of reasonably good wrenches for a good price. Now six months have passed and I've actually tried to use the wrenches for a number of jobs (bolts in fences, assembling an elliptical, lag bots into studs for storage/tv holders, etc. The precision of the tools is really lacking. Every time I've got to use the wrenches the "right" sized wrench tends to not quite fit over the bolt in question. I end up picking another one that is similar sized to try and find something that works, but ultimately reach for a pair of channel locks because the wrenches can't do the job. The first time this happened I said, "Well at least I got a good deal on them," now I'm wishing I had just returned them immediately and gotten some higher quality ones

  • Laura T - Retinol vs Retin-A

    I love the Uptown Line because of their use of Organic Ingredients. Retinol 2.5% Cream is approximately 71% organic with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil and green tea, all beneficial for the body and skin. For comparative reasons I am going to point out the difference between Retin-A and Retinol, so it is clear what the purpose and possible uses for this product , and the difference between Retin-a and Retinol.

  • Jon D - Hype inversely proportional to quality once again

    Although Spore is initially quite impressive, given the novelty of such extensive use of user-designed content, the game quickly becomes disappointing. Creature design (vehicles and buildings also) is essentially cosmetic, aside from a few minor effects in one stage of the game. The game itself, rather than being a single, coherent experience, is divided into 5 mini games (stress on mini), each of which feels very incomplete. On the second or third time playing through, gameplay becomes very formulaic, like playing solitaire without shuffling. I never expect a game to live up to the hype (especially this much hype) but Spore doesn't even come close. Maybe Maxis plans to make us buy half a dozen expansions before the game is worth the base $50 price (see Sims).