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Herbal Beauty & Health Products Online Solution - Deewal Healthcare Pvt. Ltd is a leading supplier & manufacturer for Herbal Cosmetics and Health Products. We are a TUV ISO 9001 certified organisation.

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  • Robe - This is a pretty low-quality adapter

    This is a pretty low-quality adapter. The cord itself seems thin and not very durable, and the little rubber clip that's used to secure the cord to itself when you wrap it up did not work at all, thus you have no way of keeping the cord wrapped up when not in use. The plastic elbow clips did not flip out very well either, and felt like they were going to break. Ended up returning this unit and spending a couple bucks more for the apple adapter.

  • TomT - Big speed jump

    Setup is simple once I had negotiated the lottery called Comcast support. The first lady (in India)said I didn't even have an internet a/c (which I have for least the last 15 years) and said my IP address wouldn't change (it did!). Secondly, the next guy said he would set it up and he simply disappeared. The third representative actually was a US based tech, and we got it going in a minute or so.

  • Bill Pence - Arnie’s Parting Gift to Us reviewed by Bill Pence of CoramDeotheBlog.com

    This was Arnold Palmer’s 13th book, and the sequel to his 1999 autobiography A Golfer’s Life. The book, which was published shortly after his death on September 25 at age 87, features 75 short stories on a wide range of topics under the headings of Golf, Life and Business. As a bonus, on the audiobook version of the book, Arnie reads the beginning section of the book, be it in a very weak voice.

  • Angie Simonton - such a great buy!

    I purchased this as a game to add on to my play therapy collection. Many children ask for this game, and expect for me to have it. I had not played this game prior to purchasing it. I can see why it is so popular! It's a lot of fun! It's a great value, was shipped quickly, and in good condition

  • Kaher - Don't tell your wife

    My wife wanted another child but I kept insisting that it wasn't the right time financially. I ordered this cable thinking my TV shows won't buffer whole watching cable, but my wife flipped sh*ts when she found out how much I spent on this. Currently typing this review while sleeping on the couch.

  • pabookgal - Gentle , yet effective.

    This is a nice facial cleanser that wont strip skin and make it feel dry or tight. In fact it is a hydrating cleanser , yet it does effectively cleanse skin . It has a faint scent to it . ( natural , not from added fragrance . ) I do not particularly like the scent but it is very faint , so it is not a big deal . It lathers nicely for a natural cleanser . There are no sulfates or other harsh ingredients in this , so its gentle on the skin . It rinses cleanly , no residue left on skin at all , just smooth , soft feeling skin .