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Women's Health & Wellness Lewes | Obstetrics Lewes Gynecology - DelMed Health provides professional and personalized health care for women in the Lewes area. Our staff pride themselves in the close relationships we build.

  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/our-team.htm Maxime G. Moise, M.D. | Carrie Keane, Certified Nurse Midwife - At DelMed we understand that choosing your OBGYN practice is extremely personal and it is a relationship we strive to maintain and cultivate for a lifetime.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/about-our-practice.htm Women's Healthcare Lewes | OBGYN Sussex County | DelMed Health - At Delmed Health, our commitment to our patient extends beyond the basics. We are always striving to provide a world class experience in the Lewes area.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/our-partners.htm DelMed Health Lewes | Beebe Health Care | Our Partners - DelMed Health partners. Beebe Healthcare is committed to serving women's health needs throughout their lives by offering a wide range of services.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/delaware-breast-cancer-coalition.htm DelMed Health Lewes | Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition - DelMed partners. DBCC remains the only organization in the State of Delaware focused solely on breast health issues as they affect the women who live here.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/deleware-center-for-maternal-and-fetal-medicine.htm Gynecology Lewes | Gynecologists Lewes Women's Health | DelMed Health - Gynecology is the branch of physiology & medicine that deals with functions & diseases specific to women, especially those affecting the reproductive system.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/bayhealth.htm DelMed Health | Bay Health | Women's Health & Wellness Lewes - Our goal is to provide every patient with outstanding services without sacrificing warmth or personal attention. DelMed Health serving Lewes, Delaware & more.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/christiana-healthcare.htm DelMed Health | Christiana Healthcare | Women's Health Lewes - DelMed Health's commitment to our patients extends beyond the basics. We are always striving to provide a world class experience. Learn more!
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/gynecology-lewes.htm Gynecology Services Lewes Women's Health | gynecologists Lewes DE - DelMed Health provides gynecology services for women in the greater Lewes area. Our gynecologists provide pelvic screenings, fertility treatment & more.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/wellness-exams-lewes.htm Wellness Exams Lewes | Pelvic Exams Lewes Womens Health - Regular health exams and tests can help prevent health problems. They also can help find problems earlier on, when treating the issue is easier.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/pelvic-screening-lewes.htm Pelvic Screening Lewes | Pelvic Exams Lewes | DelMed Health - A pelvic screening is a way for doctors to look for signs of illness in female pelvic organs. Learn more about pelvic exams & how often you should have one.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/cancer-screening-lewes.htm Cervical Cancer Screening Lewes | Breast Cancer Screening Lewes - Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening. Learn more about the different types of tests available at DelMed Health serving Lewes, Delaware, & Sussex County.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/adolescent-health-lewes.htm Adolescent Girl's Health Lewes | Young Women's health Lewes - The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that adolescent girls have a reproductive health visit between the ages of 13 & 15.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/menopausal-health-lewes.htm Menopausal Health Lewes | Gynecology Lewes | Women's health Delaware - Going Mad for Menopause? Signs, Symptoms & Solutions that can affect women's mental health and sense of well-being. DelMed Health serving Lewes, DE & more.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/hot-flashes-lewes.htm Hot Flashes Lewes | Menopausal Health Lewes | Women's health Delaware - Do Mother Nature's Treatments Help Hot Flashes? Some herbal remedies have received recognition for their potential to aid in the effects of hot flashes.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/breast-health-lewes.htm Breast Exams Lewes | Mammograms Delaware | Women's Health Lewes - The best tool for finding breast cancer is a mammogram. It is currently recommended that a women over age 40 receive a mammogram every 1 to 2 years.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/contraception-lewes.htm Birth Control Lewes | Contraception Lewes | Women's health Deleware - The best way to reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy among women who are sexually active is to use effective birth control correctly & consistently.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/ultrasound-technology2.htm Ultrasound Technology Lewes | Pregnancy Lewes DE | DelMed Health - What to expect during an ultrasound. A typical ultrasound takes between 30 minutes & an hour. Get more information at DelMed Health, serving Lewes, Delaware.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/infections-and-conditions-lewes.htm Gynecology Lewes | Infections & Conditions Lewes | Women's Health DE - Infections & Conditions: Bacterial Vaginosis, Chlmydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Hot Flashes & Trichomoniasis with information available at DelMed Health, Lewes DE.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/bacterial-vaginosis-lewes.htm Bacterial vaginosis (BV) Lewes | Gynecology Lewes Women's Health DE - How common is bacterial vaginosis (BV)? BV is the most common vaginal infection in women of childbearing age. In the U.S.,BV is common in pregnant women.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/chlamydia-lewes.htm Chlamydia Lewes | Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Delaware - Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Anyone can get chlamydia.Young, sexually active females need testing every year. DelMed Health Lewes, DE.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/gonorrhea-lewes.htm Gonorrhea Lewes | Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Lewes Gynecology - What is Gonorrhea? Gonorrhea is a very common infectious disease. Learn more about treatment & prevention available at DelMed Health serving Lewes, Delaware.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/herpes-lewes.htm Herpes Lewes | Genital Herpes Lewes | Infections & Conditions DE - What is genital herpes? Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by the herpes simplex viruses. Get more information at DelMed Health.
  • http://www.delmedhealth.com/trichomoniasis-lewes.htm Trichomoniasis Lewes | Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Delaware - What is trichomoniasis? Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that affects both women & men. Learn more at DelMed Health serving Lewes, DE.

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  • Alan - Well, the club does what they claim. I ...

    Well, the club does what they claim. I don't have a wicked slice on my drive but I do need to compensate by pointing slightly off to the left, in order to keep the ball landing center on the fairway. With this club, I no longer have a slice, the ball travels straight and lands center.

  • LadyAries - CLR Calcium & Lime Remover

    It helped to clear some of the ring around the toilet but did not clear as much as I had hoped it would. At this point, I do not believe there is anything out there that will totally remove the ring in the toilet short of replacing the toilet itself.

  • EskieMom - Terrible version of Publisher!

    I use MS Publisher in my job, and I use it a lot every week. I'm a Publisher fan and have been for years. But Publisher 2013 is absolutely terrible because they took away the contrast of the area around the document used as a clipboard. And I have not been able to find a function that I use a lot after spending LOTS of time looking for it. I don't like the whitewashed look, even after changing the contrast option, which didn't help much at all. The text boxes are now oversized and a pain. I like all the other 2013 Office programs, but I actually went back to using my Publisher 2007 so I could get my work done. Microsoft - please fix it!

  • Krista D - 4.5 Stars

    I would give it a 4.5 but this computer does come pre-installed with a lot of bloat wear. Meaning software and program companies pay bit brand computer computer big dollars for computers to be sold pre-installed with there software. Many computer companies are doing this these days. The bad thing is this bloat where is exactly as it sounds it makes your computer run slow as hell sometimes to the point of freezing. Removing the bloat where is a good option and improves the computer greatly. Only thing is some of the bloat wear on the computer is asus bloat wear and removing the wrong thing could make the computer crash or become worse. Its best if you know how to properly unistall programs or get someone who does. This being said with the effort or removing bloat wear and now with doing computer updates. Its losing a star and a half because of the work to get it to be a good working and fun functioning computer. I give this computer a 4.5 star because with updates and bloat wear removal it works really good.

  • Steve - Quicken 2010

    I upgraded from Quicken 2008. This version for 2010 has a few minor improvements -- enough for me to conclude that it was worth the relatively small cost to upgrade. There are no major changes. I have used Quicken for 10+ years. I don't think it is worth getting an upgrade every year, but it is probably worth it to get one every two or three years.

  • RFitzy - This granny loves the Samsung Chromebook

    I used to buy Dell PC's and laptops. But my last Dell laptop with windows 8 lasted all of 4 months before it crashed for good.