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  • Gattis - Best result!

    People with a combination skin type will understand me. I have always to be extremely careful with any type of cosmetics I put on my facial skin! Most of creams, moisturizers and serums cause blackheads. However, this particular serum is suitable for my skin type. Using this eye serum I experience the best results! Orogold has presented me not only the product that works perfectly for my skin type but also helped me to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes! I wouldn’t trade this serum for any other anti-aging eye treatment!

  • nctvi - One of the best action movies ever

    I have seen this movie several times since I bought it. When I want to totally escape, this is the movie to watch. The special effects are absolutely great. Be sure to watch the alternate ending - much better than the original.

  • RebeccA FAIRES - These definitely curb your appetite!

    These work very well if you don't mind the jitters, I wasn't hungry all day when I took one it I was anxious and unfocused the entire first day. I wasn't as much the second day and it got better each day after. I recommend eating a small meal before taking it and drink plenty of water. I give them three stars because I have lost weight but the anxiety they cause at first was almost too much to bear.

  • Yusiley Sierra - Almost past the CCA

    I almost passed the CCA. I just needed ten more points. I think this was due to using this review guide. I studied everything and used all the programs, quizzes, charts and rules this had inside the textbook and in the online account. I will definitely buy the 2014 version to retake the exam and pass it this time around.