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De-Stress Vets - Home - De-Stress Vets. Mobile Stress-Relief Acupuncture Clinics for Veteran and Military Family Groups. Acu-tack© classes taught to any deploying medical personnel.Guest Speaker to veteran and military family groups. Guided Meditation. Acupuncture is drug-free. Treats: Post-combat stress, Post-traumatic stress (PTSD), Pain, depression, fatigue, anxiety, anger, frustration, insomnia, running thoughts.Acu-tack© classes: Stress-relief and Pain relief classes Acu-tack© courses are ideal for Independent Duty Corpsmen (IDC) and Combat Medics. Simple way to treat pain, stress, anxiety, and insomnia without the use of opiates.

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  • Aleks - Great gaming device, and an excellent value.

    This is a worthy upgrade from the excellent XBox 360. From a hardware perspective is very solid, but not revolutionary, but the OS and the games make a great experience. Sure, not all features are enabled, and there are some quirks, but we all know that these will be ironed out in time. Also, it's worth mentioning that the graphical gap between this and the 360 is less pronounced than between the 360 and the first XBox. I also own two Xbox 360's, a Playstation 3, a Playstation 4, and very powerful gaming PC (NVidia 780 GTX, etc.). Overall, I would give the PS4 4 stars because of how little it does beyond games, but in time, I believe they will even out. To the average consumer, this is an excellent gaming device at a great price. For comparison, I paid $650 for the graphics card alone in my PC, and and about $4,000 overall. My PC plays any current games at maximum settings, but overall is only marginally better than the XBox One.

  • Dusty - ok for the Do It Yourself person.

    Prep is everything with this product. Impromper prep will cause fisheyes or cause premature pealing. Takes too long to dry and may leave you without a tub/shower for a few days.

  • lisa cirello - Very good

    I find the information to be informative and helpful. The issue I am upset with is that for the amount of money I spent, the CD's should have included an index! Twelve CD's is a lot to get through to create my own. I thought each CD would specifiy the content.

  • A Maze On Line - Not Full Proof

    Firstly, what you get is a plastic card (no CD) with an authorization code. You get on the net, setup an account or use an existing McAfee site account, input your code and you're ready to download to the PC. They keep tabs so you can download on 3 PCs. I buy several of these 3 license McAfees and keep severl PC/laptops updated in our small office. Even with McAfee, recently one of the laptops was affected by virus and had to be totally cleaned out by a PC shop I use. BTW, these are plain old simple office work type PCs using Healthcare sites; some don't even use e-mails. My point is McAfee is not totally safe.

  • Rob Kerr - Easy to install, but make sure to follow the instructions!

    I initially assumed the key I received was a ready-to-go license key for Norton 360. As other reviewers have found out --it actually isn't. But DON'T PANIC! The problem was between the keyboard and chair (i.e. it was "me").

  • Michael Miller - A simple report on the efficacy of Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears

    I can't rival the poetry and tales of gastrointestinal woe presented here, but I can verify that they're essentially true. I got a 1-pound bag for Christmas (yes, I asked for them, constipation, 'nuff said) and tried out a handful. After an hour: nothing. So I nibbled on a few more now and then. Finally, after 6 hours, the bears kicked in.

  • H. Boggs - Not as relaxing as would I would like.

    I think some of the non-Kava ingredients act as a stimulant so it does not aid in sleep as I was hoping. NOW has always been a solid brand so I dont blame the quality of the capsules as much as the ingredients which are listed.