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Thousand Oaks Doctor - Walid S. Arnaout, M.D. - Doctor in Thousand Oaks, CA - Thousand Oaks Doctor, Walid Arnaout, provides care for patients in the Thousand Oaks area.

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  • Allison Carr - Great trip thanks to Rick's advice

    There is so much than we never would have gotten to do or see without this book... I am SO glad my husband and I took the time to read it on the plane on the way to Rome. We only had 3 days there, so we really needed to plan carefully, and this book really helped us do that. We managed to accomplish everything on Rick's "Rome in 3 Days" guide, and more... totally wouldn't have been possible without his maps and secret tips.

  • Harold Collins - It gives you younger looking eyes

    At 31, I wouldn’t call myself to be old, but the wrinkles have begun to appear around my eye area. They have proven to be a huge source of anxiety for me because nothing seemed to be working. I guess that’s what happens when you spend half your life on the beach. I came across Orogold Cosmetics and the brand totally changed my life. To get rid of the wrinkles from my eyes, they suggested the Orogold 24K Anti-Aging Eye Serum and I readily agreed, despite the price tag. Anything to get rid of the damn wrinkle. Over the past few months, I realized that the product is extremely hydrating, highly effective and very long lasting. I have been using this product for six months, my wrinkle has all but disappeared, my eye area looks really really fresh and I still have almost half of the bottle left.

  • soma's wild stuff - book

    Bought for my daughter she likes it useful it is a good purchase. good timing cane in time.Thank you much

  • M John. Ellis - Acronis 2016 Cloud bad deal - Plus bad interface!

    Used to be 5 stars, but they are pushing Cloud service so hard it is irritating. They don't respect your decision to not want it. Acronis wants to suck everybody into keeping backups, files - everything in their cloud. They charge a yearly fee for this, but think about it: If you want to cancel, you will have to download all that information - maybe years worth -back to your computer before you can stop the fees. It could take a long time at internet speed to clean out your stuff. Don't fall for it - you could be spending a lot more money than you think. - and of course, they can raise the fees after the first year. As a side note: The backup software works fine but the GUI is poor. As an example: There is no context sensitive Help and you have to click on an icon to tell what it does. Most new software allows you to hover the mouse pointer over the icon and it displays options so you can quickly determine if it is appropriate. PS: After using for a month or so. I now give it 1 Star. Note: After months of using this software and two major upgrades it is still bad! The last update on 4/29/2016 (Win 7 Pro) caused errors on my computer -"Acronis Stopped Running.....". I tried to uninstall and reinstall, rolled back registry all to no avail. I finally had to restore using an earlier backup. So backup software that is supposed to protect my computer caused me to have to do a restore. What is going on at Acronis? 8/31/16 - still using product - hasn't gotten any worse, but the user interface still drives me nuts. I've tried a few disk image restores and they work fine. The core software is good, but GUI is bad.

  • izenskybrwz - Finally a camera insert bag which works.

    I am so happy I took the leap and purchased this bag. It works perfectly in my Maxpedition bag, and I can fit a camera, with a battery grip, two telephoto lenses, and three other lenses in this bag. Thank you Timbuk2 for finally delivering us a decent bag.

  • Victoria - Good stuff

    Love this stuff !!! It really works. Just spray a little in and blow dry or not the way you want it to look. Perfect every time

  • Patrick J. Zollo - Great Choice

    I researched a lot of products and am glad I chose this one. The price was great and the number of different tips that come with it are great. Works beautifully. The only minor issue is the on pff switch is on the unit so you have to use two hands no biggie. Pressure is great. Would recommend it.