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Desiccated Liver Benefits, Research and Information - Mom was right - eat your liver! What Mom did not know was that you can eat Desiccated Liver Supplements and get all the nutrients of beef liver, without the

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  • Review Reviewer - Can you endure starvation?

    The product tastes good. Not really any different than other protein drinks I have consumed. It mixes easy with ice, H20 in a blender for a thick shake consistency. As for a diet. Yes, you do starve on the two cleanse days. I really see no purpose for cleanse days because our liver and kidneys already do a great job for detoxifying our bodies. Expensive compared to using a whey protein mix from Costco mixed with Orgain drink product which is organic too..which I now use after my personal research.

  • Greg Becker - Great easy to use kit

    I bought one from Best Buy and the pocket was so small, I couldn't get my hand in it if something were to be in the back of the pocket. Bought this one at Amazon and loved it. Pocket size is decent. Easy to install and blended nicely in a 2004 Escape. The only thing I couldn't figure out was how to use the back support bracket. I eliminated it, and the radio seems to fit nicely and not move around, so I guess it is okay to eliminate.

  • Benny Profane - Easy, works great

    Won't overdo it with details here because all you need to know is that this product does exactly what it claims to do. I bought it as an "extender" because our router, located in my home office, is about 25 yards from our main TV and our streaming of Netflix, etc., has been inconsistent and slow. I plugged it in. Followed easy instructions. And now our Netflix is rolling at HD speed. If you're looking for an extender at a reasonable price, buy this product.

  • AC Thompson III - Review

    So far so good. Just started the second bottle and hope that I start noticing a change. I haven't notice anything yet, but I am going to give it all the time recommended.