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Edmonton Ear Clinic - Edmonton Ear Clinic is a medical service for problems with hearing loss and disorders of the ear. Dr. Ho is a Neuro-otologist in Edmonton, Alberta.

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  • Amazon Customer - Good procuct, Good price and Good Seller

    Works great. Item was exactly as the seller described and they saved me a bunch of money over my local dealership from whom I purchased the vehicle. Even after purchasing the car from my local dealership they wouldn't even give me a discount on the cargo cover. Would recommend this seller to anyone.

  • Wayne00 - Looooove it!

    So i first saw this game on my dads phone which he randomly downloaded, so when we were at a store, i stayed in the car to play it. IT BLEW MY MIND!!! i started off just doing the really easy level at the bottom of the map screen. but as soon as i got used to it more, i went on to some harder ones and i did great but i also noticed the amazing models for the white stag and so on.the main reason for this comment is how amazing this game is. you can start getting better and moving along while also recieving enough money to keep up with the pace.long story short, best hunting game ever!my only regret about the game would have to be the energy system. if that wasnt there, you could spend hours on end playing this game.except for that, once again, best hunting game ever!

  • V. Farfel - Good gadget + bad clip = 1 star

    I received MOOV personal coach on December 30th 2015. I have done several running workouts and liked it a lot. It has a lot of good things to write about but Im not in a good mood to do so. I decided to test it on a bike ride and unfortunately lost the device. Similarly to what others reported the clip seemed to unbuckle and the device is gone. I have retraced my bike ride - it was only 3 miles run but since MOOV emits no signal there is no way to track so after less than a week use it is gone. I wasn't in a hurry when I went on my bike ride and made sure that the clip is secured properly but it unbuckled anyway. If you only plan to use MOOV on an athletic field where you can quickly find it then by all means get it, but otherwise I would suggest you find better use for your $$$

  • Loves Line Dancing - Love this

    So much cheaper at Amazon and you can buy the 3 pz bottle. Dont even bother with one ounce. You dont get enough in it at all. I have thin hair. Every time I try to go without using this on my scalp, my hair comes out more. I cant say my hair is thicker but maybe it is because if your hair doesnt come out as easily I would think it would be thicker. I use the shampoo and this scalp hair booster. I've used for years. It's not gonna work overnight. But once you use habitually your hair does not come out as easily. I love this stuff

  • busybody - stay away

    Could not even download it. Not here and not anywhere else. Safe your time for something that's worth it. This is not it.

  • Deborah Houser - It had a lot of great features. However

    It had a lot of great features. However, you had to manually focus verses auto focus. One of the HDMI ports stopped working the first time we used it and the remote did not work. We had to send it back. Sellers refund policy was good. We did not have to pay to return. UPS came and picked it up. Once seller received it, my refund was dispersed.

  • Janet - Noticeable difference

    Noticeable difference. I used this product for a while, then stopped. Regret that. It makes a noticeable difference in my thinning hair and am happy I reordered. It really helps. Don't know the science behind it, but it works!