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  • Carol Ann - I am a great fan of Craig Johnson and am secretly in love ...

    I am a great fan of Craig Johnson and am secretly in love with Longmire and Henry. That's about all I need to get into the modern-day western murder mysteries that Johnson writes. I am such a fan that I pre-order all his books. As always, I was not disappointed by this latest in the series. The characters are now my old friends, the plot has twists and turns that keep me breathlessly on the edge of my seat. And also as always, Johnson's writing is gripping, entertaining, and never insulst my intelligence. Hurray for the latest book!

  • Krystalw - best investment that ive ever made!!!

    I am a 29 year old female that has always been slim my entire life, that is up until two years ago, it seemed like no matter WHAT I did i could not lose a pound, I was uncomfortable and frustrated, I also suffered from brain fog, inability to sleep and inability to even stay asleep, my mood swings were out of control, my periods rarely lasted more than a day, I just knew something wasnt right with my body. I tried unsuccessfully a numerous amount of times to explain to the doctors my issues and that I just KNEW something was wrong, I KNOW my body and there is no reason why I shouldnt be able to shed this extra weight. They just continued to brush me off as either being overly dramatic, or actually had the nerve to attribute it to aging and said that the way I was suffering was normal! I would nearly leave in tears after every doctor visit, I couldnt believe the close mind set that they had towards me. Well finally one day I was googling my symptoms and came across the fact that Plan B could possibly cause a hormone imbalance in womens bodies, and beings I had taken it in the past, I began looking into possible remedies for this situation, when I stumbled across Amberen. The first day I took it I was actually able to sleep through the entire night, I woke up feeling better than I had in years!!!! As the days passed I began feeling better and better and actually had a "normal" period too. At first i wasnt noticing any difference in my weight but im now on my second box and got on the scale and ive lost 9 lbs, only 10 more to go! This stuff is literally a miracle pill, I do not plan to ever be without it again. So to wrap it up, ladies please dont just assume your symptoms are just a normal part of the aging process and live your life miserable, also dont let the doctors let you feel like you are crazy or making things up, before going through this ordeal I had NO IDEA how unsympathetic and behind our medical staff is here in the united states. definitely try this.....it can change your life :))

  • Kenneth R. Ludovici - It was great when it worked, but.......

    The nest has everything a techie could want; lots of settings and features, multiple displays and online control capability. Unfortunately it failed in less than three months. It's bad enough that I had to pay a serviceman to tell me I had a bad stat, but then I had to listen to an Amazon rep using poor audio gear tell me that after 30 days I had to deal with the manufacturer. Now they have told me they can't help me and that I have to deal with Amazon. So here I am with a $250 thermostat that doesn't work and it looks like I'm stuck. I'm going to continue to pursue it, but if this is what a customer has to deal with when buying a complex product from Amazon, perhaps one should reconsider and take a look at Costco.

  • Becca - Works great, especially for those with Republic Wireless where you ...

    Works great, especially for those with Republic Wireless where you have an underlying Sprint number that sometimes people call that you don't know. Also works to put your work phone number in there on your days off so if they call you aren't bothered with it.