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Store and Share Everything Important | Everplans - Everplans provides guides, resources and a platform to help you create a plan that contains everything your loved ones will need if something happens to you.

  • https://www.everplans.com/life-insurance Life Insurance | Everplans - In movies and TV people always plot intricate murders to get someone's life insurance. It's rarely that exciting but sometimes being boring is a good thing.
  • https://www.everplans.com/aging Aging | Everplans - It’s never too early to think about how and where you want to live when you’re older. Choose from numerous Eldercare options and share your preferences.
  • https://www.everplans.com/funeral-planning Funeral Planning | Everplans - Pre-plan your "dream funeral," even if it's 50 years away. Learn about what funeral options there are, create a plan, then share it with your family.
  • https://www.everplans.com/articles/the-3-things-you-must-do-to-leave-your-house-to-your-kids The 3 Things You Must Do To Leave Your House To Your Kids | Everplans - Make sure everything is spelled out and legally binding, or you’ll leave your kids headaches instead of property.

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  • Believe702 - Statistical impossibility....

    I dont have pcos or any of those issues. I am 43 and ttc for at least 3 years. I have been pregnant twice before only to end in miscarriage. I have been on all types of fertility meds and have had several iui's done. This past cycle was gonna be a rest month. I was unmedicated and i ovulated from the bad side where i dont have a fallopian tube. I was almost done with my 1st box of pregnitude. I really believe this is the reason why i got yet another positive HPT. I made it to 7 weeks before i miscarried again. However i believe in this product. I shocked my Dr's by turning up a positive HPT. It was a statistical impossibility.

  • Alexei - Better then expected

    Works great. Happy to finally be able to mount my samsung to a VESA mount. Very stable, using 4 bolts to hold the bracket and 1 to hold the monitor.

  • Kerns Family - Messy but worth it!

    I ordered the Dr Song All Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening and Tooth Gum Powder Coconut Activated Charcoal for my husband and I. The package took a couple weeks for delivery but I did get shipping updates often which was good to have knowledge of where my order was. The product contains a like charcoal dust. We dip a small amount into our brush two times a day. A little goes a long way! The product is soooooo messy but worth it I think! You must keep your mouth fully closed during brushing or you'll have a black speckled mess everywhere! After you brush for a couple minutes and rinse you notice (at least we both do) your teeth do look brighter! I'm willing to overlook the messiness for the results personally!