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  • Amazon Customer - New version of premium version does not open

    Upgraded to new version, app does not open. Tried several times, even imo staple and redinstalled(from Amazon app store)

  • jackson - Unprofessional Time and Billing

    We purchased the Premier Professional Services version not only for the business accounting part of the program but more importantly, for the ability to integrate legal services time and billing into one seamless package. The program has taken a standard inventory and services billing program and tweaked it a bit to make it "professional services" ready. The lack of ability to revise the billing and invoice forms and parts of the program to make them act and look like professional services invoicing makes that aspect of the program unusable, unless you don't mind them looking like an invoice from a widget manufacturer created by a third grader. Also, having to retain a QuickBooks pro to figure out and set up client, billing professional and rate structures makes the program expensive. If you are concerned about ease, appearance and flexibility in legal invoicing, skip this program, buy a less expensive business accounting version and go elsewhere for time and billing.

  • Crystal - Fun for the Family

    This game was so much fun and the XBOX One ROCKSSSSS! The kids can see themselves on the 54 inch tv and the game even records the dancing and puts funny effects on you. Then you can save it and even upload to social media. Great songs too. Highly recommend.

  • Ashley - Don't waste your money.

    I bought this to clean out THC toxins. I am 5'9 and a little less than 180lbs. The last time I smoked was a few days ago and only smoked for about twice a day for 2-3 weeks. So I'm not a huge user and haven't done it before then. I used the MegaClean (which is suppose to be for people that use frequently) exactly as directed. I gave myself 3 hours and 3 urinations before taking a at home test which came up positive. Thankfully I did not get drug tested from my possible job today and still have time to find something better. Do not waist your money!!! I paid $70 for this crap and have an awful stomach ache.

  • Amazon Customer - No User Input During Installation

    I would have rated the software 4 stars, except Roxio does not allow users to select features, shortcuts, etc. during the installation process. Even the default settings remove previous user settings without the user's knowledge. Older versions allowed some customization during the installation; however, that is no longer true. After I installed the software, I inserted a CD. One of the Roxio applications started up. With a little search, I was able to deactivate that feature. I also noticed that "Auto run" was disabled so my CD's would not automatically open Windows Media Player. I am still finding other items that Roxio configured without my knowledge. Just this morning I saw an item in the drive list (under "Computer" in Windows Explorer) - it is labeled "Roxio Burn Disc Viewer". I thought I configured Roxio Burn Disc to not open.

  • Louise White - Thieves is a God send to ward off sinus/throat problems

    One drop in a full glass of water the minute you feel scratchy throat or plugged nose or flu coming on...very effective for me...read the literature - history on it and why it is called Thieves!

  • Nicky - This was a great product, the 2 times I used it

    This was a great product, the 2 times I used it. The 3ed time the heating element had a melt down, it was a little scary and I had had it for <1w, I'de been warned about this by other reviews. Fortunately I purchased through amazon prime and had no issues with returning it.