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Folding Concepts UK - UK's largest centre for new and used collapsible foldable kayaks and canoes Klepper Neris Wayland - Folding Concepts UK. Selected popular collapsible foldable kayaks and canoes - new and used. Also high quality wooden split paddles and various accessories suitable for kayaks in a bag.

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  • Tim Janes - Promising product, not ready for prime time; poor customer service

    Our experience with this product was less than stellar. We ordered the product on June 7, 2014 for $149. After some in-home trialing for my son, it was clear that he was not going to use it for two reasons: his knee hit the plastic holder for the knee pad and it was very uncomfortable, and compared to simply grabbing his normal crutches, the straps take way longer to set and adjust to be worth it. I see others have commented similarly here as well. We then requested to return it on June 18, 2014, and I'll simply let you know how that went. You can then weigh whether it's worth the product and customer service challenges you may encounter before ordering.

  • R. Obi - Took it back after a few hours of googling calibration issue.

    Calibration was really bad! I have been chasing elk for 30 years. But this is a game! I Didnt expect anything more. Other sites people have said nothing like hunting. If its hunting you want? Get out & do it. The gun was next to impossible to calibrate. Took it back with in a few hours. I went & bought the Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party for my Xbox Kinect. Calibration was more involved than Wii game.

  • Paul Kidd - Worth a read of history and the down fall of the Plantagents and rise of the Tudors

    Found it hard to get into, but after awhile it picks up and drags you along. Gives you a view of the opposition to the the Plantagenets that eventually won out.