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  • S. Ullrich - Very nice product.

    Nice fit in my 2015 Cherokee Latitude. Slips just a little bit on the carpet under it but not very far or very much. Definitely keeps the mud/snow/bark chips/sand/etc. contained. It is very easy to pull out and rinse off. Way easier than cleaning the carpet.

  • Roberta Flack - Horrible. I will not watch it

    Horrible. I will not watch it. In the first 10 minutes, the violence and gore against characters we know and love is ridiculous. We're not talking about zombies anymore; now we have to watch humans violently assaulted. Nobody needs this in their lives. Why sit through it? Find something positive to watch, or at least something that's not devolved into a gory blood bath. A shell of what the show used to be.

  • debd - Poor packaging

    The book is what was expected but it was a gift. The loose packing caused bent corners so it does not look brand new.

  • Nanners - Small but powerful.

    Late this summer hubs decided to get a tent to camp out in backyard with our two young boys. He mentioned that he didn't really have a good light to use out there. Yes we have flashlights and even some big thing that takes a few D batteries. I saw this and knew it would be perfect. It's really small but impressive! The light it puts out and the way they made it to use as light or flashlight or both is so nice! Yes it's really really small but for hanging in tent makes it incredible handy. My 3 and 6 year old had fun playing with it. Seeing my youngest carry it around was super cute.

  • Jeanette Mcdonald - Great power bank!

    Bigger a bit what I expected. Good quality, massive house. I recommend it for everyday use. Good point for the short and reversible USB cable. Not only it has huge capacity, it also charges the smartphone quickly. In addition to that, it can be charged quickly through wall charger. I will never use regular powerbank again.