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  • Joe L. - Life saver

    Time to time i will read some more of this and it helps me get on my wife's better side. Pretty good read that is not all about sex. It just uses it to focus the reader on breaking a negative cycle.

  • Monique S - Hydrating and Softens!

    Who wouldn't love a jar of 100% pure shea butter!? Love this creamy gold goodness! It is an 8oz jar and a little goes a very long way! It really softens the skin and is great for that winter dried skin that I always get. I am looking forward to having soft well hydrated skin this winter!

  • Phd Student - E-Commerce 2010 (6th Edition)

    Well written text. Excellent for graduate students and professionals. Case studies are current and are an appropriate learning tool.

  • Amazon Customer - Terrible quality

    Several kids on my son's high school team have this bat. 5 have been returned to the manufacturer already for repairs. The plastic end caps break easily and my son's had a large dent. Don't waste your money on this junk.

  • nadia - this shampoo and sucks black color use on my hair shampoo that takes ...

    this shampoo and sucks black color use on my hair shampoo that takes away all the color does not recommend for anyone who uses color in her hair!!!

  • N. Smith - Great everyday TV for most people!

    This is a nice set for the money. First you need to pair your remote to the TV. You can do this by setting the TV (plugging in/powering on) up first then putting in the batteries for the remote and it will auto-connect. If you (like me) place the batteries in before you set the TV up then you can sync them by pressing return and play/pause buttons for 3 seconds. You then pair all of your devices so that your remote works with them, however, I find that I prefer my X1 remote since I can use page up/down, sports app, recordings ect. It's just more convenient VS. the Samsung remote.