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  • Y. Vroman - Love it

    Love this case Fits snug and buttons work great Not too bulky, I can still easily put my phone in my pocket

  • Lena - like my star review

    I know. Counting. It be hard. One. Two. Wait, let me check again. Nope, just one charger, like my star review. Maybe if I really try this time. One. Maybe if I cut it in half it will turn into two chargers. I've made a terrible mistake.

  • Ally's Real Reviews - Prompt shipping, but product is VERY STRONG. Not something I personally enjoy taking internally

    Shipping was prompt, and I like the product. That being said, it is WAY Strong. The dosage on the bottle says to put 12 drops in a 20 oz bottle of water, but it is so strong it burns my lips and tongue. Plus, it doesn't really ever mix with water because, that whole oil and water never mix thing. The oil sits on top of the bottle of water no matter how much you shake it, meaning that you basically take all the oil down in the first few sips. I have been using it by mixing it with a carrier oil and applying to the skin because it was definitely too strong to apply neat to the skin and left my skin red and angry looking the one day I tried that. However, I do know that some carrier oils need to be mixed, so I applied neat at my own risk.