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  • Rick - Catch more squirrels than you can shoot !!

    Definitely will cure your squirrel problems with just a 4" square piece of cardboard + a few drops of almond extract + a dolop of peanut butter spread on the cardboard

  • Augusta - Threlac saved my life!

    I have used Threelac for 5 years. I was diagnosed with systemic Candidiasis by two different Doctors. One did not know how to treat me, the other one did. After 6 months of high doses of nystatin(8) daily, dyflucan (30 days) and pro-biotics, magnesium, Garlic (9) daily among other things and a very strict diet. I had only barely improved. I was bed ridden. It had attacked my organs and affected by cognitive abilities. I had many tests including a cat. scan. I told my doctor I was not better and he said I've done all I can for you. To take anymore drugs could cause liver damage. I did extensive research and read doctors' journals and the CDC info on my condition. I found threelac! It is the only thing that work. I spent thousands on other things to no avail. I was diagnosed cured by my new Doctor when we moved 2 years age but a caught a bacterial infection. I had to do the antibiotic thing and the Candida has returned. I'm treating again and doing great! Thanks to treelac & fivelac.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing!!!! Product!!!!!!!

    This product is amazing! I was definitely skeptical at first, but I can honestly say that the PM is what stands out the most for me considering my work/training schedule! After being on 100 all day long, 20mins after taking the Masterbrain PM...I'm relaxed and on the verge of falling into that deep "I just received a massage" type of sleep! I don't necessarily like the groggy feeling after I wake up, but that's when the AM comes into play! I take the AM before I do ANYTHING once I wake up, and I do mean before I do ANYTHING! Like before I do the 3 S's, I take the AM...it usually hits me once I'm in the middle of my shower, BYE BYE GROGGINESS! The focus is incredible! The feeling is indescribable, but trust me when I say you'll know when you feel it! I absolutely love this product!!!!

  • Joan N. - Living a purposeful life with an uncluttered soul

    Are we living the life God called us to live? Doing so, Hybels says, means uncluttering our souls. It means we stop doing the stuff that doesn't matter and concentrate on what does. It is a simplified life, but, Hybels writes, “Simplified living is about more than doing less. It is being who God called us to be, with a whole hearted, single-minded focus.” (2)

  • Randall Lewis - It's a nice TV for this price range

    It's a nice TV for this price range. I analyzed all the competition until I just had to make a decision and went with Samsung. Out of the box, the picture quality was very gray and drab but I went to Amazon and found some commenters who had tweaked their picture and used some of those settings and the picture improved dramatically. I'm sure I haven't gotten these settings just right yet so there is still some room for improvement. I don't really care too much about the apps, I just wanted the best picture possible. I stream Netflix, I have an Amazon fire stick and an Oppo Blue-Ray, which I seldom use these days with all the content out there. All in all, it's a pretty good TV and a good entry point into 4K Ultra HD.

  • kingsalmon - Cabela's Big Game Disappointment

    I'm not much of a gamer but I love to hunt so I bought this for the off season. You can literally finish the entire game in one sitting!!

  • Melissa Delien - Horrible Fit

    I ordered the eagle eye grille, and it was a horrible fit. To get the turn signal housing in the grille you had to put adparters on them, and the cutouts were way off. I saw past it, and squeezed them on anyways (bending my factory turn signal housing). After fidgeting with it for 15-20 min, I go to put the grille on my jeep and there are NO clips on the bottom to secure the grille! 100% dissapointed, returned same day.