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Gateway Health Plan - Gateway Health Plan is Medical Assistance (Medicaid) managed care plan. Medicare Assured, serves those eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

  • http://www.gatewayhealthplan.com/plans/plan-finder Plan Finder | Gateway Health Plan - Gateway Health Plan is Medical Assistance (Medicaid) managed care plan. Gateway Health Plan Medicare Assured serves those eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid in Pennsylvania.

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  • Barbara Wilson - Didn't answer major question

    Did not address the major question I had (got that info from a colleague). But it will be useful for other questions, I'm certain!

  • Golly Gee - Semi-informative, completely compelling

    While the first 56 pages offered great detail on the symbiotic relationship between the outlook for wooden toilet seats and the price of rice in China, I was disappointed to find the authors completely neglected to take this cogent argument to the next obvious iteration: pandas. Yes, not one mention of the overarching impact of the Great Panda's increased presence in Chins and the availability:demand ratios in the regions adjacent to the Panda Preserves. Of course, if this area isn't in your investment portfolio, this book is 100% on target.

  • Vanessa - Amazing!

    This mouth rinse is awesome! It is the only thing that actually kills morning breath. The rinse is SUPER minty and very refreshing. Highly recommended for anyone with breath issues or anyone who wants to be extra fresh.

  • Terrence J. Reardon - The final album by Pink Floyd's classic lineup gets an excellent upgrade

    Pink Floyd's eleventh studio album The Wall was released in December of 1979 and is a classic and regarded as the band's most ambitious masterwork.

  • Tellmeasecret - Tellmeasecret's Review

    This book is like a bible to me. I just downloaded the kindle version so I can keep it with me everywhere I go. As a writer I learned early on how important this book was. Spell check can only do so much. I misspell words all the time and this book lists common words I misspell. Also, unlike spell check this book helps you figure out what word to use. For example I typed weather when I meant whether, spell check wouldn't have helped me with that because it only catches misspelled words. This book also helped me with my punctuation and your sentence structure. Before you submit your final draft of your manuscript or opinion editorial to your editor, if you dont want to be embarrassed like I was or get hundreds of track changes back, I soooooooo suggest this book. I need this in my life.

  • Nadia - Good product

    My brother fell and broke his ankle 4 weeks before his wedding. I'd have to say if it weren't for this product he would not have enjoyed himself 1/2 as much as he did. Only thing is after dancing all night in it like 5-6 hours it takes a toll on the knee. Next few days the knee hurts like hell. But overall if you have something you have to do that you really need to walk for buy it, if not you should use the crutches alone. It's not really too good for everyday all day use.....too hard on the knees. Going out to dinner, dancing, walking down the isle...ideal but going to work in it, walking around the mall all day....don't make sense. It's really as it says "CRUTCH AID" and a great one at that.