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  • D. Baugher P. - Great for anyone that suffers from heartburn/reflux

    I have mostly reflux and this book has given me ideas of what to used during those times. I have never had surgery but have used rx for years with all of the big names. I believe this man when he says taking out acid over time can cause health problems. Again rx's will treat the symptoms but the patient will never learn the cause.

  • WanderingEyes - the mexican herb

    It is okay for me, but my brothers love this stuff. It does soften the hair, but for me it too doesn't help my hair to the fullest extent because of my PCOS.

  • Michael Parks - No numpad? No problem!

    So this is my first ever "half" (no numpad) keyboard. Part of the reason I got it is that I wanted more space for my mouse, and I figured that if I ended up missing the numpad keys too much, I could just return it.

  • Novice - Like It.

    I love this Shampoo! It's got cool mint smell and gives your head the mint sensation like when you put a gum to your mouth, giving you that chilled cooled feeling to your head. it works well with the its sister conditional (which I like it better than the Shampoo). Once I go through with this bottle, I will buy again.

  • Thundergy - with great things comes great responsibility!

    So i got this knife and i tried to cut me a slice of bread and somehow accidentally on the side created a time machine. Idk how to use it tho and i think its becoming a black hole...im scared! plz help