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  • Elizabeth G Brooke - Poor product lousy customer service

    I bought two of these products because I own a B&B inn and waffles are a breakfast favorite with our guests. One of the machines worked and one did not. It was an absolute nightmare dealing with customer service and trying to get my wafflemaker replaced. When I finally did get a replacement, the replacement was faulty. I called the company again to tell them of my frustration and of the urgency of my need to replace it as it was being used at our inn. I must have called customer service a dozen times. Finally, I asked to speak to a supervisor and the wait time was over an hour to speak to "Clyde". I gave up. I have been in business for 30 years and this company is by far the WORST for customer service of anyone I have ever dealt with. As I write this I am still trying to get through to find out why my replacement machine has not been shipped. It has been over a month! I am so upset that I am writing this review. I have never written a review about any product before but I hope this will prevent others from having to go through this terrible experience. My message to Villaware: stop selling products that are inferior and properly service what you sell!

  • RAMSES MEZA ARMENTA - very good upgrade

    I am very happy with this up grade, its working great in my ssun es8000, it was very easyJet to instala and it is working very fast with no problems

  • BeachBound - Terrible!

    I bought this machine after reading many great reviews and was eager to try it out. Luckily I only used it on a small area of my wood floor before noticing that it was leaving spots and scratches. The suction on the sweeper part is OK - not great. The steamer left splotchy marks on my wood floor and scratches from where the machine had swiveled to turn. I don't know if it's just the one machine that I bought, or a terrible flaw in the general design. I returned it the next day. What a big disappointment.

  • Andy M. Andris - BUY THIS ALBUM!!!

    Exceptional. Brilliant. Different than anything she has done before. Her voice is absolutely stunning on this album. Feroscious, restrained, and heartbreaking. Most people won't get this album or will question "where did Gaga go?" She's right there in all her glory, stripped down and vulnerable.

  • Atlantacbi - this thing rocks !

    I've got an '85 Porsche 911 and after nearly 10 years this car has developed a strange battery drain. I replaced the battery after a good 60 month one died and within weeks it was dead again. My general mechanic sold me the battery and tried to find the problem - he suspected it was a faulty ground or something but he never could locate it. I happen to be at a Car stereo place recently and saw my exact same car but highly restored and with a kick ass sound and electronics package. When i asked what they were doing they said this car had a mysterious battery drainage problem - after talking to a few more people this is apparently common and hard to track down - so rather than fix it i decided to supplement the battery with this drip charger. I keep it plugged in all the time and just let it maintain the battery and that has worked perfectly for 3 months now. I attempted to revive a truck battery with it recently but it gave me a clear indication that the battery was damaged so I just replaced it. we have 4 cars for 2 drivers so I can see possibly adding a second one of these for the rarely driven truck I have in the future. I'm fairly handy but I've never really understood the physics of car batteries - this unit is so simple I don't need to understand anything to use it.