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HACC Cambodia - All People in Cambodia live in an HIV/AIDS resilient society where there is a strong network to support the continuum of HIV/AIDS prevention, care/support, treatment and impact alleviation.

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  • Hokum - Eh buy a different one or use a different planchette.

    The planchette is hard to move on the surface of the board. It gets stuck because of the boards material. Really cheap tbh. Not sure if it works though but chances are it could. You're better off using a shot glass as the planchette but if thats the case, just buy a different ouija board.

  • David - THE BIBLE

    I have used Lasser's for years, and having just been through the experience of losing both our long-time residence and a rental house in a brush fire, I can tell you that very few professional accountants come close to knowing what you can learn in an hour or two from this book.

  • Jen M - Great product. I use as daily supplement for my ...

    Great product. I use as daily supplement for my little ones . Easy to take and I feel good that no artificial ingredients are used plus not just vitamin C but zinc which is really shown to prevent or lessen a cold virus!

  • jmf1986 - no more hair loss.

    I couldnt bring myself to spring for the whole line. I only use the scalp revitalizer and pair it with other sulfate free shampoos and conditioners (wen, dermorganics, etc.) It took about 2 weeks to see a diff. I wash and use the scalp revitalizer about 4x a week. After using regularly, all my hair loss at the root has virtualy stopped. Now im working on hair loss due to breakage.