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Healthcare Consulting - Halley Consulting Group - We are a healthcare consulting firm specializing in performance improvement for hospital-owned medical practices and physician group management.

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  • http://www.halleyconsulting.com/hcg/index.cfm/history/ Halley Consulting Company History - Halley Consulting Group - The Halley Consulting Group is a physician practice management and consulting firm specializing in the strategic development and performance turnaround of both hospital-owned medical practice networks and large independent medical offices.
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  • http://www.halleyconsulting.com/hcg/index.cfm/services/ Healthcare Consulting Services - Halley Consulting Group - Halley Consulting Group specializes in building successful medical practices and physician/hospital partnerships, regardless of the level of economic integration. All of our healthcare consulting and management services are provided within the context of integrated delivery, recognizing that services must be coordinated in order to deliver the highest quality medical care.

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  • Ed C. - Induced more shedding and hairloss

    I've been using the Aveda Invati product line (shampoo, conditioner, revitalizer) for over a month and have experienced a noticeable thinning in my front hairline, which is where I've been applying the revitalizer. I've been following the instructions by spraying it directly onto my scalp and massaging it twice a day and letting it dry for at least four hours. I am convinced that it is the cause of my further hairloss since nothing else has changed in my day-to-day (diet, stress, etc.)

  • Helen Bull - This has such a nice, light honey scent

    This has such a nice, light honey scent. I enjoy using it, and it makes my kids smell nice. The bottle is a nice size and shape to sit next to the tub without falling in all the time. It is normal as far as shampoo goes-- no amazing benefits or drawbacks as far as my hair after I use it.

  • C Moore - Good advice for the worklorn - timeless!

    A good friend sent "What Color Is Your Parachute?" in 1977 with a paper clip around a group of pages of the Preface (or Introduction as the case may have been). His note said, "If you don't read any more than this, at least read the part I've marked with the paperclip." It was one of the best gifts I've ever received. I'd just been shown the gate by my employer and was living far from friends and family, newly married, and just generally in deep [stuff].

  • Chattery - A desperate grab for something, Sarah Palin perhaps

    A frightening and terrifying work of fiction in a post apocalyptic Australia, in which women are treated as possessions of men, the borders are sealed against 'Illegals' , 'non traditional' families - those with structures other than 2.3 children and wives in religious bonded servitude are denied social acceptance, and all their offspring are imprisoned . There are 'elections' fir which the ruler if the country announces who people will vote for through the front pages of his 'newspapers' - it really is a nightmarish concoction of ridiculous hackneyed right wing tea party nonsense dressed up as literature.

  • Brandy - Impressed

    It definitely works. I was a little worried the first time I tried it because my face was super red and burned after I took it off. But when I woke up the next day it was completely fine. It just takes off the hair at the surface though so it does grow back pretty quick, but it's nice and smooth for a couple of weeks.

  • CaskettAlways13 - Other than that I do like it, it's cheap & I'm giving it 4

    The only complaint I have is that when speaking with someone the other person gets aggravated due to beeping on the line (I can't hear it, but they do). I did extensive research and found out that this is very common with VoiP service. Why they can't fix this is beyond me! Other than that I do like it, it's cheap & I'm giving it 4 stars

  • Donna Rice - Excited!

    I ordered this as a gift for my brother who is almost an addict to MTG. He absolutely loved the cards, and so did I. I have no complaints, neither does he. I recommend this to any MTG player!