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Audiologist Speech Therapist Hillcrest KZN | Hear Clear - Hear Clear Provides Hearing and Speech Services to the Upper Highway area of Durban providing the highest-quality services to ensure the best possible care for all ages from newborns through to the elderly.

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  • Let's Call it Steve - My Hair is Amazing!!!

    And this product is pretty cool too. This molding putty took my already gorgeous hair and turned it into a monumental masterpiece fit for mount Rushmore. I feel so classy when I use this, I have to be careful not to dress too sharp for fear of being mistaken for an Admiral-Movie Star-Aristocrat. I've already signed so many autographs, my hand is beginning to ache.

  • Stamatios J. - I bought Lightroom 6 box just to discover that I ...

    I bought Lightroom 6 box just to discover that I will not receive updates from Adobe. The last update of Lightroom will go only to subscribers of CC. They tell that cannot offer new features to who is not a subscriber due to Sarbanes Oxley.

  • Jeff Schultz - Works Great

    Used the adapter so that I could mount my 2014 Samsung 4k Monitor to the AmazonBasics monitor arms (Which are pretty awesome). The adapter worked great. It's not the sturdiest thing in the world, but it does the job as best can be expected with the design Samsung chose for the base.

  • Tonyia Sabb - Awfull

    The Service Reps for this product are rude and unprofessional. Against my better judgment I purchased this product, only to find that the company utilizes the initial purchase, as a ruse to making additional unauthorized purchases on my card. The representatives are extremely rude, and lack professional ethics. I had them blocked from utilizing my card, and they are currently investigating this matter. Very disappointed!

  • Anthony - a reasonable camcorder - at a great price

    This is a small, lightweight, reasonably priced digital camcorder. It's suitable for amateur or professional video recording, and performs adequately for making home movies. it's actually a nice piece of equipment - with some good specifications.

  • Laura Beatty-Walsh - LET A VIRUS IN

    ALMOST KILLED MS LAPTOP #3 let something horrible in that the techies took a month to fix. I won't be purchasing Norton ever again, let alone another MS product. Better save up because Mac, here I come.....

  • Andy C. - Good value for your money

    Before buying this please consult your doctor. A 500mg tablet(and I take 2 of these at a time) is a very high dose used to treat high cholesterol and triglycerides. A starting dose is just 100mg and if you take a full 500mg dose at once, you'd get the primary sideeffect of your entire body flushing and feeling like your body is on fire. If you don't take it correctly you could get inflamation of the liver.