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Setting the standard for accuracy in point-of-care testing - HemoCue - HemoCue America, a division of Radiometer, develops, produces and markets medical diagnostic products for point-of-care testing within hematology and diabetes.

  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/health-areas/anemia Anemia screening - Point-of-Care testing - HemoCue - Anemia is a public health problem in both rich and poor countries. By providing access to accurate anemia screeing tools, with hemoglobin testing at the point of care, you can protect those suffering from anemia.
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/health-areas/diabetes Diabetes care - Point-of-Care testing - HemoCue - Reliable and sensitive systems for diagnosing and monitoring are key for high quality patient care 
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/health-areas/renal-and-cardiovascular Point-of-Care testing - Renal and Cardiovascular - HemoCue - Screening for microalbuminuria can prevent long-term cardiovascular complications  
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/clinical-settings Point-of-Care testing - Clinical Settings - HemoCue - How will your Clinical Setting benefit from Point-of-Care Testing? Optimized workflow and improved patientflow with HemoCue Point-of-Care testing.
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/clinical-settings/primary-care Point-of-Care testing - Primary Care - HemoCue - Conditions such as anemia, diabetes and even infection, are often initially screened at primary care. POC testing means less waiting for your and your patients.
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/clinical-settings/blood-management Health Areas - Point-of-Care testing Patient Blood Management - HemoCue - Providing total hemoglobin testing solutions - from blood collection to blood transfusion - HemoCue Hb Analyzers are the trusted technology for precision and lab accuracy around the world.
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/clinical-settings/blood-banks Point-of-Care testing - Blood Banks - HemoCue - Blood centers save time by screening potential donors with point-of-care hemoglobin tests. However, the accuracy and precision of point-of-care test methods may vary. Are you using a method that’s accurate and precise enough to ensure the health and safety for your donors?
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/clinical-settings/public-health Point-of-Care testing - Public Health - HemoCue - By providing access to accurate screening tools, you can protect the children who will be shaping our future
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/solutions POCT - Point-of-Care testing solutions - HemoCue - The HemoCue point-of-care testing products and solutions are used in a broad spectrum of clinical settings all over the world, to meet the needs of health care professionals.
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/solutions/hematology Hematology - Hemoglobin test - HemoCue - In hematology, we include both hemoglobin test and white blood cell count (WBC). HemoCue provides point-of-care testing solutions for anemia screening and diagnosing of infections.
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/solutions/diabetes Lab accurate glucose test - Diabetes diagnosis - HemoCue - Success in diabetes diagnosis and monitoring depends on accurate glucose measurements. HemoCue provides handheld glucose test for point-of-care testing.
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/solutions/data-management Point-of-care testing - Data Management and Connectivity - HemoCue - With our advanced POC data management (DM) systems, the results are combined with customizable operations and standardized connectivity to fit any healthcare facility´s needs.
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/solutions/accessories-and-consumables POCT - Accessories and Consumables - HemoCue - HemoCue Accessories and Consumables. Control materials. HemoCue<sup>®</sup> Safety Lancets. HemoCue<sup>®</sup> Cleaner. MARTEL<sup>®</sup> Printer.
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/knowledge-center Knowledge Center - HemoCue - We have developed a profound understanding of your varying needs. These insights, combined with our extensive knowledge, experience and innovation, help us develop the point-of care testing solutions of tomorrow.
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/knowledge-center/elearning E-learning - HemoCue - HemoCue has expanded its Corporate Education and Training Center to offer numerous webinars and workshops fór healthcare professionals. At HemoCue, our dedication to training helps health care professionals stay current with the latest advances in the point-of-care testing.
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/knowledge-center/customized-education Learning Center Customized Education - HemoCue - HemoCue offers customized education on-site. Your local HemoCue representatives and trainers are happy to set up your point-of-care systems, as well as provide onsite training tailored to you and your staff.
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/knowledge-center/dm-training-request HemoCue America DM Training Request for Hb and Glucose - HemoCue offers DM Training for End-Users and Administrators. Request it today!
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/knowledge-center/instructional-videos Instructional videos - HemoCue - Here you will find useful instructional videos for a number of HemoCue point-of-care testing solutions. HemoCue® Hb 201+ Instructions Video. HemoCue® 201+ Capillary Sampling.
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/knowledge-center/webinars Webinars - HemoCue presents free educational webinars on topics surrounding point of care testing presented by experts in their fields.
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/knowledge-center/tools-apps Knowledge Center Tools and Apps - HemoCue - Download tools and apps related to HemoCue point-of-care solutions. With the HemoCue My Blood Donor App for iOS you can track, trend and monitor your blood donations as well as hemoglobin value.
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/about-us About HemoCue - Provider of Point-of-Care testing solutions - We are convinced that HemoCue point-of-care testing contributes to better healthcare, by providing the data you need, when and where you need it, to make accurate healthcare decisions quickly.
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/about-us/the-hemocue-story The HemoCue Story - More than 30 years of accuracy - Over 30 years ago, two inventors said it must be possible. To do this easier. To do this better. To do this right. Point-of-care hemoglobin test.
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/about-us/management-team HemoCue Management Team - Our management team brings decades of diverse experience and a history of success in the medical device, life science and in vitro diagnostics markets.
  • http://www.hemocue.us/en-us/about-us/news-and-insights Latest News & Insights - HemoCue - Find highlights from recent exhibitions and progress within life science and diagnostics together with the latest news & insights from HemoCue.

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    I love how we were able to completely change the look of our kitchen without having to purchase new countertops. We called this our "mini" kitchen makeover. Two people were able to complete the transformation in a weekend, Saturday morning thru Sunday afternoon. My only advice would be to sand the crap out of the countertop during the first steps, while you're preparing the surface. It's hard work, you'll be sweating no doubt, but if you think you're done, take a break, then go at it some more. Pay special attention to where the counter meets up with other surfaces, like the wall or a sink. We were turning a white counter Java Stone. It was hard to see the scratch marks in the white countertop, so, based on our exhaustion, we figured we'd move on to the next step. But we found that the chips did not stick as well to those nooks and crannies that we had apparently neglected. This is not the fault of the product at all, so I would still highly recommend this product.

  • Brittany Galloway - Great Job Curling

    If you are willing to spend the time it takes to curl hair, then this is definitely the curling wand set for you. Each wand curls beautifully.

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    it just dries out my hair i don't if i should shake it harder or leave in longer but overall this dries out my hair for days, usually my hair restores its soft after a day of shampoo but this dries my hair even when i only use twice a week, but this has good vitamins though

  • R. Karwowski - Great Product

    This machine works well. I am not sure if user malfunction did not lead to others complaints of bottles not fitting because I have never had a problem. The majority of bottles we chill are champagne and they have a very large base and the machine has always accommodated them. Also it chills them perfectly in a few minutes. We also use it to chill bottle of water before we go to the gym. I have no complaints about this product and would highly suggest it.

  • L. Kessler - ... had this for years now and have been very happy with it despite the constant wear and tear of ...

    We have had this for years now and have been very happy with it despite the constant wear and tear of our four oldest kids. When something did finally break on it (our kids' fault) the seller was great about helping us easily locate a replacement part, which costs us $30 rather than a new trampoline. Very satisfied.

  • Kevin Rosenthall - Intelligence gone wild

    It's like adding an upgrade to your car. Genius little device with great support community behind it (esp on LXForums.com).

  • Jeffrey Weldon - An excellent product that works as advertised

    I purchased this product after having watched a Scotty Kilmer video on You Tube, It really works as advertised. So if you have a leak in your cars trans seals or engine main seals, or power steering pump, this product will help greatly in stopping that leak. It mixes will all kinds of oils, is a polymer and really works at rejuvenating tired leaky seals.