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  • P. Maheshwar - Handy stand which is also a BP monitor

    A handy stand which helps in recording blood pressure in a very easy way. Good thing about it is the way the records the data. It is presented in a nice way. One can keep record for more than one person. Limitation is number of records. It is either 999 or 9999. Interface is excellent and the whole package very presentable/ handy.

  • Aimee - Highly recommend for heartburn and leg cramps

    I really like this stuff. Totally helped me while I was pregnant with my horrible heartburn and got rid of my leg cramps. Now that I'm not pregnant and those symptoms have subsided I no longer take it but instead have magnesium in my Plexus Biocleanse pill.

  • Bruce Greenwood - Got to have cap

    It was a little difficult to get the retaining strap on the metal cap, but I got it just fine. The cap looks great.


    I use this for skin tags and it works like a charm.....Just remember to hold it on for 20 seconds.... I press the skin tag between the applicator tip and a tongue depressor .... Although sometimes you need help depending on the location...

  • JohnCarpen - Roxio Creator Pro 2010 - fail

    Bought Roxio Creator Pro 2012 and installed in on a 64 bit Win 7 machine with 8 GB memory. Program crashes left and right, while trying to compose a DVD of some home video clips. As I have not been able to sucessfully complete even a single video clip DVD, I would have to consider this program a complete flop. I could recommend this program only to someone I really disliked.

  • Chef In Training! - Happy in my new life

    I purchased this book to expand my cooking repertoire a bit. I've never been a culinary master, so to speak--Mary was always the chef in our family. Apparently her new husband David also knows his way around the kitchen. I understand that's how they met, at a live taping of a Food Network show. The girls say he's a real wizard when it comes to breakfast. I haven't gotten to try David's famous eggs yet, but I had to agree that the bacon-wrapped dates he made over Christmas were delicious. It also gave me something fun to talk about with the girls--the three of us love David's dates! I don't get to see the kids much anymore and it's nice to have something in common with them. Molly just started soccer and I don't know much about the game but she's really into it. I've been looking up rules like offsides online so I can follow the game and David's filled me in on the different positions and whatnot. He coaches the team.

  • Amazon Customer - Finally a serum that doesn't weigh down fine hair.

    I've been using this for about 10 years and was hesitant to buy here due to reviews saying it was fake. However, the one I received is definitely authentic. It's thick, not separated, and has the scent I've come to know over the years.