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Hizentra Self-Administered Immunoglobulin Therapy for PIDD - Discover the benefits of 20% liquid Ig therapy for subcutaneous (SCIg) use in patients with primary immune deficiency disease.

  • https://www.hizentra.com/patients/default.aspx Hizentra Self-Administered SCIg Therapy for PIDD - Patients and Caregivers - Learn the benefits of self-administered Hizentra subcutaneous immunoglobulin therapy for primary immunodeficiency (PIDD).
  • https://www.hizentra.com/professional/physicians-prescribers.aspx Hizentra Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin Therapy for PIDD - Physicians and Prescribers - Get Hizentra 20% liquid SCIg therapy for PIDD information, dosing calculator, side effects and professional support resources.
  • https://www.hizentra.com/professional/pharmacists.aspx Hizentra Self-Administered SCIg Therapy - Pharmacist Resources - Support your PIDD patients infusing Hizentra with billing, referral and reimbursement services; self-admin nurse training.
  • https://www.hizentra.com/professional/nurses.aspx Hizentra Self-Infused SCIg Therapy Resources for Nurses - Get SHARE training, support self-administration, and learn how to manage PIDD patients on Hizentra subcutaneous immunoglobulin therapy.

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  • phonebill007 - Phonebill007

    Easy to use but calls programmed for hang up will still ring till vmail answers and also still pops up when programmed not to.thanks

  • baconbandit1973 - Wow! Who knew so much could come out of one person!!!???

    To start, Im glad that I waited to post this review. When I first started taking this I was expecting an anal apocalypse, and I was disappointed because it did not work. I decided to stick with them, and on the second day I upped the dose to 4 capsules 3 times per day. On the third day is when apocalypse began. Im pretty sure my insides are squeaky clean. It works so well in fact that I think I may have traveled through time. How can one person have soo much poo in storage? Any ways, the key here is that you may have to tweak the dosage, because everybody has different digestive abilities. Also the more packed you are the longer it may take to take effect. I like the fact that it does not cause painful stomach cramping. It does its job easily. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a good cleaning, or if your just board and looking for some excitement.

  • Kristina S. - Thankfully the elastic is all the way around and good, so I could pull it all around and ...

    This is too large for Moses basket. Thankfully the elastic is all the way around and good, so I could pull it all around and under to make it fit. The sheet material is nice and thick.

  • Wayne - Don't waste your money

    I downloaded this product from the ROXIO site with a backup disc. Over a month later and the program still won't work and the backup disc has not arrived. I am using a VISTA 64 bit machine. I have contacted ROXIO customer support via e-mail several times and all they tell me to do is keep downloading it. Tonight; the download caused a "black screen" with a Microsoft Visual "C" Runtime Library error. I removed the program and my computer went back to normal. Absolutley no support from the ROXIO customer service people. Buyer beware on this one!

  • Suzanne Henneberger - Not like prior Hope in Jar

    It arrived sealed however it did not appear to be like my prior purchases. It was yellow and thin unlike the fluffy white cream that I have come to know and expect. I question whether it is real philosophy and should of known that the deep discount was because it was not real

  • Mika - Draw on!

    I haven't used all its features yet, but I did purchase this software at a sizable discount. I have Artrageous software too, so I doubt I'll need additional art software. It works well with my Bamboo tablet. I'm having fun and creating more and better art. That's all that matters.

  • Bluesbynumber - I would recommend further reading (ARRL Handbook for example) to further your ...

    From receipt of this book to passing my Technician class test was 9 days. I would recommend further reading (ARRL Handbook for example) to further your knowledge after the test but this book will definitely get you your ticket.