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Holy Innocents Children's Hospital Uganda - We're a non-political, non-sectarian, faith-based organization dedicated which has built the first dedicated children's hospital in Uganda.

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  • Cazlove - My favorite moisturizer

    Wow. I love this product so much. It doesn't sting my face at all! It has a very light pleasant scent and it really helps my flaky skin a lot!!! I'm currently on tretinoin and my dermatologist recommended sebamed moisturizer to help with my peeling and flakiness of my face. This is my absolute favorite moisturizer! I love that it's not super thick and greasy but just right. Just thick enough to help moisturize my face.

  • Farah - Life-changing in a good way

    These are amazing! I received a sample, and a friend raved about them, which is why I tried these in the first place. It takes some getting used to, but these disposable SoftCups look much easier to use compared to other permanent cups, especially if you have used NuvaRing birth control before (similar concept-ish). These are much more comfortable than tampons, as long as you're okay with the ick factor when taking these out. I'd recommend trying to get a sample first before buying these and see if they are as life-changing for you as it is for everyone else!

  • Nancy E - Useless parts of plant make up 2/3rd of this product! Buyer Beware!

    Buyer Beware! Contains only "stem, leaf, and flower" of which only the leaf is actually useful medicinally! It contains NO ROOT which is the most useful part of the plant! This was a waste of money and I feel very cheated! Read everything carefully before you buy, sight unseen. This is a pitfall with Amazon.

  • C. J Prunty - Too unstable

    Very upset with this version of office. Previously I used Office 2010 and earlier versions on various versions of windows. I use Excel heavily, including VBA coding, use Word once in awhile, and barely use any of the other tools. The 2016 version is loaded on my new laptop with Windows 10. I was not happy about having to purchase a new computer, but my previous laptop died. I decided to go ahead and get the latest version of office. Big mistake. Excel is very flaky and is constantly crashing. I haven't even started doing any VBA coding yet. The latest updates have done nothing to fix any of my problems. Could be related to the combination of Windows 10 and this version of office, but at any rate, I am furious with it.

  • ABRAHAM - Your Income TaX

    I order "Your Income Tax 2013" every year for preparing my income tax return. I hope everyone may order this book. This is a good book for everybody wants to prepare his or her income tax. Thank you very much.

  • Amazon Customer - I think the charge indicator is more for show. ...

    I think the charge indicator is more for show. I went out with my 14ft deep v, with me and another fat guy, using my minnkota 30lb all the way up on 5 all day, 2 hours in the morning and evening without pausing. at the end of the day, it said my battery charge was still "high". and while i didn't have any signs that the battery was winding down, i know it shouldn't have read "high"