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  • DLightful Living Young - Nutrient Logic and common sense prevails

    This is a good book to inform those without a pharmaceutical background about the benefits of natural supplements. It seems as though the author promotes a particular brand (Jarrow) which is filled with artificial colors and other ingredients. So, really it is up to the reader to use their own 'Nutrient Logic' and determine what would be best for them. I was hoping there would also be other topics in the book but was a bit disappointed that they were not covered. The book is okay but use common sense when determining what supplements would work best for you and good luck!

  • Happy Camper - Nice bag; too big :(

    I am 5'2" and ordered the small size classic Messenger in Barley. It is so huge. Sending it back and am now waiting for an extra-small. I will be using this for carrying books on campus. I have lots of different sized books and notebooks and there is still room for maybe a water bottle and an umbrella, so it is big. The problem for me is that it all shifts around due to the roomy size. Now I am not toting a laptop in it, so that may take up room, but for me this it just too big.

  • Timothy J McMullen - Awesome shake

    I have tried COUNTLESS meal replacements and protein powders over this years. This one tastes the best. Theres just no other way to put it. Its near a dessert for me, and it makes my diet SO SO much easier. I use this 1-22 times per day, do 2-30 minutes of workout per day with weights, then take my atrafex 

  • Amazon Customer - I love Grey's Anatomy

    I love Grey's Anatomy! Have been watching every episode for years. I do agree with some of the other reviews on here, I am SO sick of April and Jackson fighting. They need to agree on something soon because it is sure getting old. I miss the days with the dream team and the happiness. Wish the season wasn't getting so dark. oh whale, I am devoted enough to keep watching but honestly not enjoying it as much as I have in the past.

  • TONY - Great sneakers

    Great sneakers! I have wide feet and these are great, needs alittle break in period but they are comfortable. I have these sneakers in various colors.

  • cwhite - love it!

    Got this bat for my daughter, and she loves it! Couldn't ask for a better bat. Its everything it said it was.

  • didjanoit - A Real Time Saver!

    I've been doing my business tax returns manually for thirty years, but this year I was overwhelmed with too much work and too little time. I bought this program to take the pressure off, and it did. It was quick and easy entering my information using the interview and I was done in a little over half an hour. I have Windows 8.1 and the download only took a few minutes and worked perfectly.