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  • Kindle Customer - Easy for beginners

    My 5 year old was able to read this easily and was thrilled to read an entire book to me. The story has several repeated words which meant she quickly remembered the ones she had to sound out.

  • Silvio - Small, light and convenient UPS

    I have bought both Cyberpower and APC UPS' before and between both, I like this new version that Cyberpower has better than APC. The old Cyberpower UPS I had had a big blue power button that would be lit the whole time it is on, at night it would be really bright. With this new UPS the light from the power is not bright at all, it is perfect if you keep it in a bedroom. The LCD screen is great, the USB ports are very convenient. No need to have a USB adapter next to your desk with this UPS, I use it to charge my iPhone and iPad and my USB Battery backups. The 1000VA is very small compared to the standard UPSs, I was surprised how light and small it was. The 13000VA are a lot heavier and longer but this one is a great size. Great device, great battery for when the power goes out. I usually get 70-90 mins out of it with a mac hooked up to it and various USB devices to it such as Hard Drives.