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  • Cierra Keller - I use it as a Conditioner, without the Cleanser

    So... this product it great, but not for what it is intended for. I bought this as a dupe for WEN. I had never tried either one, but I really didn't feel like giving all of my money to Chaz, so I tried this first. My hair felt so soft! I loved that about it! Unfortunately, I have really straight and really fine hair, and this weighed it down (too much oil for my fine hair). I followed the directions on the bottle exactly, then I tried the directions for WEN exactly, then I went on youtube and followed other peoples directions. I rinsed my hair for 10 minutes straight! Still, this particular formula is too heavy for my hair.

  • Paul A. Harris - Solitaire it ain't

    Absolutely no help for the solitaire games as to how to play them.Help gives a blank screen. Once I found the pdf manual, which did not install, it referred me to the help button. Disk has to remain in. So not available on my laptop. Solitaire games are all completely unintuitive. No scoring to tell if you are even heading in the right direction. It isn't worth $5, let alone the rediculous price I paid at Bestbuy.

  • Lindsey - Powerful

    For such a small gun, this thing is powerful! The darts shoot nearly as far as some of the larger guns and give a nice little sting if shot at a close distance This little gun is great for around the house and in my opinion more precise than the larger Nerf guns. Great small gift or stocking stuffer.

  • Books Are Better - It is Just Okay, not gripping

    i read the reviews, but still ordered the movie. It was okay, but not something that you would want to review over and over.

  • Peggy P. White - Love Being in an Avery Binder!

    I feel so safe and secure in this binder! I know that my husband can reach me immediately when he needs breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or snacks 24/7, the yard mowed, shopping done, cleaning done, the garage organized, the basement finished, etc. He put in dividers with little envelopes on them that hold index cards so that I am completely organized when I'm not at my full-time job. I can't imagine ever being in a binder other than this one. Thanks Avery!