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Instituto de Estudios Internacionales - Universidad de Chile - Postgrados y postítulos en relaciones internacionales, política comercial, estrategia y derecho internacional, e integración regional.

Country:, South America, CL

City: -70.6682 Santiago Metropolitan, Chile

  • john - Not bad, the product comes pre-made which is nice

    Not bad, the product comes pre-made which is nice, the application process is fairly easy and not messy. After I applied, I allowed it the 15 minutes to dry (if you use too much it might take longer) I was expecting it to crack and fall off but this one is more of a wash off mask. After washing it off, my skin was clean and moisturized and didn't leave a film, it did lessen my pore size also. All in all it's a decent product and seems like it will last a long time. As far as removing Impurities from the skin, I'll be honest I can only assume it did because of slightly smaller pores. This product seems like it's mainly used to keep your skin healthy with nutrients.

  • L. Kirk - Ok Performance, but understand its weaknesses before buying

    The Nomad7 and Guide10+ solar battery charging kit is a pretty good product that aims high, but fell somewhat short in performance in my use over a period of several weeks. The kit consists of the foldable Nomad7 solar panel unit with an output pack and zipper pouch, and the Guide10+ batteries and recharger. The thing to understand about solar panels is ... they really need direct sun to work well. If it's bright but pretty hazy, if it's partly cloudy, if you can't get a direct straight on view of the sunshine ... all of these factors impact the recharging times. A partly cloudy day and an off angle for the panels can double the amount of time it takes to recharge the batteries. And in my experience, obtaining optimum conditions is challenging. Read on for a discussion of pros and cons I experienced during my product testing.

  • Zhu Yiting - effective

    It is effective. I thought I had UTI one day and did not want to see a doctor, so I bought this at Walgreens to give it a try, and it worked! The symptom was gone in two days, but probably because it was not that serious at first. I bought three more here an decided to keep taking it.

  • David Cline - Finally a Perfect Headset

    I have been using Plantronics headsets for years, and each always works very well but falls just short of perfect. I cannot think of a single thing that I would change about this headset after months of use.

  • Tara Beardsley - helmet

    The helmet is great, however, the visor was damaged with the paint all coming off of it, so I was quite disappointed. Amazon didn't have any more to replace it with, so I ended up having to buy a new visor from a different dealer.

  • Alex T - Terrible product, fake positive reviews.

    Not only does this product lack the Kava kick that I know and love, but it also contains other herbs that are STIMULANTS. What a waste of money. Who packs stimulants in a stress relieving sedative? And who goes and makes multiple 5 star reviews to inflate the reputation of the product? No thanks. I'll buy another brand from now on.