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City: 11.8833 Province of Arezzo, Italy

  • amazonholic - Fantastic but heavy

    I bought the Jemma to use on an upcoming trip where I'll be in multiple countries with multiple devices that'll need charging. In the meanwhile I've been testing the Jemma to see if it was even worth buying....It TOTALLY was!

  • Amazon Customer - I almost sent them back because the instruction sheet said ...

    I almost sent them back because the instruction sheet said for 2012 CRV. But,someone at amazon said they would fit my 2015. Also the, the screw holes did not line up. Then I read a review that said to turn the bar 180 degrees. So I did that and "voila", they lined up. Then I found the rear bar was not wide enough. I had the two screws on one side tightened and there was big enough gap on the other side that the screws would not reach in to the screw holes. So I loosened the other two screws enough so that the screws on the other side would start. Then I went back and forth tightening. The instructions could have been a little clearer. But, the end result is what counts.